Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fabric Haul - Overview

The past week was a local shop hop of which I wanted to participate in. After all, I might win something!

It also happens as a lead in to the Row by Row Experience for 2017

And while I am not in love with actually doing the rows, I have picked up the preprinted license plates for some of the shops which already had them for sale.

Another reason why I am doing a series of posts on the fabric I over bought is that it is said if you actually put your plans/goals out into the world, then you have a better chance of completing them. So I am putting it all out there!

The above will be going into my Montana Memories quilt I will be making when we move back to North Carolina next year. It's a great reminder of some nice road trips and all the 'quilty' friends I have made. And what a great state for encouraging quilting Montana is.

I did manage to purchase a bit of fabric just for me.

Metallic and blues and purples I will be fussy cutting to use this as the center of a medallion for a quilt. I have this Noodle Box pattern by Patchwork Fun coming and will probably use these as the center of the quilt blocks. I had to reorder a couple of her patterns which didn't survive the fire and added the Noodle Box to it. 

And a lovely batik.

Then a panel of horoscope designs...

Right now I am torn between just putting on stretcher bars as a picture or using the signs for the family in a quilt. Since there are 4 signs for the 5 family members, I could use them as cornerstones for a quilt. Something with a kalidescope-ish design? Will have to think a bit more on this.

And then another panel 'we' bought (Texter and Lady K have been along on these trips are a terrible terrific enablers).

This is a Cosmos digital print and will be stretched as a picture once we get to North Carolina. I have two other panels in my stash from the past few years which I will stretch for pictures once we move and I can hang things on a wall again.

So for now, other than Almond Country Beauty, most of the things are going to be for the family as a whole, or individuals specifically. Stay tuned for more of my stitching plans.

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