Saturday, June 03, 2017

Starting "Summer" Goals

It's been almost a month now that I have been 'retired'. 

And where does the time go?

As I am sitting here at my desk in the early morning, I relish the quiet. And from my desk, about 6 feet away on the other side of the windows, hangs a bird feeder. I can sip my coffee and watch the birds come and go. Doves call from the giant spruce tree outside and there are dozens of sparrows in and out of the hedge around the house.

And then Lady K awakes and it all goes downhill in a roar!

Last night was an example of how time has been going this past month. Texter asks if I will watch Lady K while she joins a friend who is launching his hot air balloon. This is in the evening as we should be settling down to prepare for bedtime.

But who can resist watching a hot air balloon?

Since the wind was blowing really hard and it didn't seem like it was going to abate any, we had to drive to a couple of different locations. On the way, once I told Lady K what we were doing on our 'surprise' trip, she filled me in on hot air balloons. And by the way, she had it down pretty darn good, especially for a 4 year old.

It was interesting to see them set up and inflate the balloon. The sky was clear and a hint of the moon was there as they soared quietly away.

Yes, it wasn't planned.
Yes, it did interrupt bedtime.
No, I'm not sorry we went.

Lady K enjoyed the 'surprise' and ran back and forth to the car with her rocks she was collecting. You might think it strange, but the grasses were hard and 'crunchy' and there were bugs. Both of which are issues for her. 

Anyway, so this is my life now. The ability to stop and embrace the moment without thinking about having to get to work or 'having' to get somewhere. I'm going with the flow. Much like a hot air balloon, riding along on invisible currents. 

Oh, I can provide some direction and I do have some control, but the majority of the time I am trying to be more flexible. 

So, that being said...

My May goals were:

  • Finish up the Colorwash Scarf and one other knitting project - completed!
  • Hit either the gym or the yoga studio 6 out of 7 days - hahaha
  • Get seedlings planted - done and actually I have refrained from adding more
  • Menus planned - so-so, not calling it a win
  • Start my 'count-down' calendar (more on that later) - started and it's filling up
  • Writing! - another hahaha

While on one hand I wish I had more time at the gym logged and more words on the page, I have been writing more posts. More gym time will be mandated for June!

So my June goals are:

  • Gym time
  • Writing - morning pages if nothing else and more extensive journaling
  • Start the Almond Country BOW quilt (supplies and backing purchased)
  • Local Quilt Shop Hop and start the Row by Row hop
  • Big Sky Fiber Festival
  • Swim lessons and t-ball start for Lady K
  • Texter takes her written driver's test so she can start practicing driving
  • Crystal Park to dig for crystals
  • Gulch Distillers for a class on making syrups
  • Lots of knitting!
  • Even more reading!

But for now, another cup of coffee and a muffin, while waiting for the landlord and his crew to arrive to cut down the large, dead tree in the yard.

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