Fabric Haul - Halloween

I have really resisted doing 'holiday' quilts. I never really desired any. Well, maybe my flannel Grinch quilt (which the top is done, I just need the backing).

Then I saw the "Queen of Ween" design line and fell for it.

And one of the shops on the hop carried some of the line.

There is one big panel with the witch in black. And a collage of different cards.

And then 4 smaller 'cards'.

I found them almost Alice in Wonderland-ish. And I love them!

There are a couple more panels with smaller cards and pictures and then I also purchased with them online a couple of yards of coordinating fabric in the line.  Black with skelton hands for one. 

But Texter fell in love with it too and we found some other fabric from different lines that I will probably incorporate along with them.

The top left I probably won't use with this quilt. Not sure yet. 

I have come up with a design for the quilt I think will work.

The large panel in the center, with the smaller queens around it. Then the 'cards', which are coming, set on point around them. Think it will work. This is going to be a fun one and hopefully I can get it all done by this Halloween.

However, we seem to have been in a Halloween mode during this road trip.

Another panel which I might use on the back of my 'Queen' quilt.

Yet another panel! What you don't see are the trees she is flying over. I am going to do this as a 'window' quilt where it will look like you are looking out an open window as she flies by. Not sure if this will be a lap quilt or just a wall hanging.

This will probably be incorporated into the witch quilt in some way. Not sure yet. Maybe just on the back. Pieced backs are more and more common these days.

As you can see, I have plenty of time at the sewing machine and the knitting needles to last me for awhile.

Did I mention the drop spindle class the end of July?


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