Friday, June 09, 2017

"Throw-ing" In the Towel

I have had the fabric for about a year now. It survived the fire.

However, it did not survive me.

It was meant for a very good friend and her family, who are Montana State University grads. I had the batik fabric with the logo. I had a couple of pieces of coordinating fabric. But I couldn't settle on a design and didn't have a backing.

After finishing Texter's fox throw, I decided (at the very last minute of course) that design would work well and set about making the throw the day before the graduation party for her son who will be entering MSU in the fall.

I used a blue minky on the back and replaced the yellow I had selected with a yellow batik which went better with the main fabric. 

I cut strips, sewed, and threw it in the washing machine to get rid of minky fuzz and any possible remnants of a smoke smell (only in my mind it seems).

And then I discovered IT!!!!

You see, batik comes all the way through the fabric. And while I was very careful about making sure all the bobcat heads were pointing the same way up, I didn't do the same for the letters! 

Nope, the picture above isn't 'flipped'.

Although, I did flip out myself!

Texter grabbed the throw from me and folded it up and hid it before I did something drastic. Like banging my head against the wall, clutching it.

It was gifted the my friend on Sunday during the graduation party for her son who will be departing this fall for MSU. Both she and her husband are MSU grads and I hoped this would keep her warm and comfy during the time her son is off at school. Luckily, she thinks it's funny and "so me" that the center panel is reversed.

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