Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Advertisting in Magazines

People (women in general) have bemoaned the amount of advertising in most magazines. There sometimes seems to be a hunt for the actual content between the multi-colored, glossy missives for items which will improve my life.

However, to make lemonade out of lemons, for someone who journals, does altered books and other "creative" stuff, a magazine is a fount of ideas. I always have my journal open when reading through each month's "O" magazine (the only one I subscribe to). Not only does Martha Beck's column usually get pulled out and stashed in my journal, but dozens of words and images get cut out, torn out, ripped out and pasted as a prompt or idea or illustration/decoration or description for my journal pages. Some of them get filed away in a box for later use on a project or when I first get a new journal and want to break it in and decorate the pages. Sometimes the ads are better than the articles as far as my creativity goes.

So now a glue stick and scissors are important magazine reading tools for me---bring on the ads.

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