Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hot and Muggy and Roses

At 6am already muggy feeling. We were suppose to have a chance of thunderstorms last night and they passed us by entirely. I like thunderstorms. I have great memories of sitting with my dad in the dark in front of a picture window and watching the storms go by. Love them. Don't love the damage the storms seem to be bent of causing this year, but love storms. I would love to be at the beach sometime during a storm (inside of course), watching the storm come by.

This is the man who is responsible for my love of roses. I don't mean the formal, long stem, all show, no scent roses. But the rambling, overblown, scented roses. My dad is the baby of his family. It's hard to think of my dad as a "baby" of anything. But my grandmother was 45 when he was born, so they were in there late 60's when I was born. P-Paw, as we called him, had roses up either side of the front porch and down the porch. Over the big gate (for 2 cars to fit through) into the back yard was a wonderful yellow rose. And he had them climbing up along the back of the house and then a rose bed. My mom and dad have a couple of really nice rose beds now. Mom spends time clipping and trimming and caring for them. My idea of a rose garden...throw it in the ground and let her rip!

I don't think I will ever be in a place where I will have a rose garden (my choice now), but I love the roses which are overdone and 1 rose will scent the entire room. I lucked out at Border's a couple of weeks ago and got a set of incense and candles which have an old rose smell to them which I have been burning.

Off to get more coffee!


  1. nice memories of your dad- thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog- I would love to paint the magnolias- I just don't have a picture to use as a reference- I am not sure that type grows up here in NY.

  2. forgot to mention- on my website are 2 paintings I did of magnolias- are these the same type that you are thinking about? This is the type that grows in NY.


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