Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sending Out Ships

I have been reading A Wealthy Spirit by Chellie Campbell to help me with my financial planning or rather, the lack thereof. There were some very practical things you have to do, like planning budgets (yes, budgets...high, middle and low), how to plan for things you want to do, saving, etc.

But there is also a whole idea of "sending out ships". You can't have your ship come in if you don't send them out. Also there is a sharing of your abundance and a whole lot of daily, positive affirmations.

The positive affirmation thing really helps with all aspects of life. By trying to be positive and say positive affirmations about my financial situation, it spills over into all areas of life. It also can tick your co-workers off! of my co-workers has been making these "Sistahs" for 2-3 years now and I have always admired them. In fact, I gave her some fancy fabrics and earrings for her sistahs when I was destashing at one time. But I never took my "liking" pass that.

Oh, real quick, the story behind the "Sistahs"....she had a dream one night about them and started making them based on the dream.

Anyway, last week we were doing a week-long Juneteenth celebration at work and she brought out about 6 of her "Sistahs" she wanted to get rid of. She had them sitting around and wanted them out of the way so she could move on to a couple of other ideas she had. I put in a plug for a "wild, old gypsy woman" which she is going to make for me. She decided rather than trying to sell them, she would have a raffle since everyone is going through a tight crunch now.

What does "sending out ships" have to do with the "Sistahs"? In order to have your ship come in you have to have ships go out. I bought 3 chances for $5 which did fit my budget (gave up one of my coffees I had budgeted in). I KNEW I was going to win one. I lined them up in the order I was going to win them in. My co-workers were having a laugh at me, but I was positive. I had sent out my ship (buying the raffle ticket) and saying positive affirmations.

Meet Amethyst Charbonneau, or Lady Ame to her friends. (Ignore the reflection in her head and her leaning earrings) Yes, my first choice (purple) came home with me. I got to name her and she now has a whole life story much to the maker's delight. She is married to Winfield Charbonneau, who is her father's partner, older, but very indulgant.

My resolve to only have artwork in my new home which means something to me has started. I have something made by someone who I have worked with for years and have admired both her work at work and her artwork. This isn't just a piece of work anyone can pick up anywhere. It's personal and it's now mine.

So I sent out a ship and said positive things about it's trip and it came back with the payoff in 2 different ways.

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