Friday, June 13, 2008

More Writing Getting Done

I am writing a little bit more the past few days. Problem with writing is it's hard to include visual elements to make it a little more interesting, but I'm working on that.

This is one little story I wrote recently........NOEL

I resent his hot body in bed next to me, his body stretching out to move me closer and closer to the edge of the bed. I never really wanted him there to being with. My daughter had brought him home one day and shortly thereafter he transferred his affections to from her to me. He constantly follows me from room to room, watching me whenever I happen to stop or sit down. Everywhere I go he wants to go, to the point I had to close the bathroom door in his face to keep him out. I know he is hovering on the other side of the door the entire time, regardless of how long I stay in there.

He won't even sit in antoher chair in the evenings, preferring to lean against me, looking over to breathe hotly against my neck. In bed it is even worse. What is a double bed has become a small, coffin-shaped area for me to lay, staring at the ceiling, while he snores away. If I move to push him over, he only moves to lay more heavily against me. He seems to relish the closeness. I loathe it. If I think to escape by leaving, he springs up, leaping out of bed,turning to see if I wam really leaving the bed or not, prepared to either floow me where I am going or to climb back into bed and sleep and snore some more.

Meals are not a reprieve either. My daughter and I each get our own meals. I am obligated to make his and place it in front of him, brown eyes watching my face and bowl as I lower it in front of him, eating with relish whatever I happen to put in front of him.

That is part of my problem with him, my indifference and his constant, unwaivering, uncomplaining, silent devotion.....and the fleas....damn dog!

Actually, this came to mind as I was laying in bed, still 90 degrees at 9pm and the dog in bed with me rather than my daughter.....his adored"mommy". I am the second string, despite the walks and feeding. But hot dog hair is not something you really want in bed with you.

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  1. i liked it- i had a real visual of what was going on by your descriptions. good work-
    eBeth (thanks for your kind words on my blog!)


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