Friday, June 27, 2008

OD and the Real World

OD worked at a semi-fast food place for about 6 months and then quit because of school work and theater. Since summer is now here, she wanted to work again and asked at her old spot. The original manager had moved on, but the regional manager, who knew her slightly, said put in your application again.

So on a Tuesday we went and put in her application and stayed to eat. The assistant manager went ahead and gave us our discount (YEAH!) and we sat down to eat. OD looked around and said "They are really short on help tonight." And after a few minutes, she got up and bussed the tables for them. Then was ask to go out to the back storage area with a new guy and find the cups. When there were no more cups, she was asked to call the person who they had sent to another store to pick up some salsa to also bring back cups.

The assistant manager was "thank you, thank you, thank you" for her help that evening.

Get home from work the next night and she is on the phone with them. They need her this weekend, badly, "can you work a double shift on Saturday" we need you. So no interview with the regional manager needed. Seems about half of the crew was either graduating or family of graduating students and needed off on Saturday.

I pick her up and she is exhausted. Not only did she work a double shift, but she had to train people too. She was "but I haven't been here in 3 months" and they there "but you know what to do".

Life lesson learned: There is a big difference between saying "What would you like on that? (OD) and "What do you want?" (new hire)

Life lesson 2 learned: Just because your an honor student, cute, perky and popular at school doesn't mean you have the brains to fold a burrito.

So taking her into work the next time I asked "Are you playing Mother Hen again?"

"Hope not, hope it's an old crew."

"And if it's not?"

"I'll eat my young."

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  1. What a wonderful story...what a great heart...what a great sense of humor...Doesn't get better than that...You are blessed!


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