Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Journaling and Wish Book

I am still doing some "art" as well as journal during this time period. Not as much down to the page writing, but I am still creating. But I am in a "curvy" mood and doodle these swirls. My current journal is a moleskin. I want to start a new journal on the day we move into the new apartment though, so we will have to see what takes my fancy. As much as I want to have something fairly unstructured, like a ring binder, where I can put all sorts of stuff into it, I do like the ease of a bound book I can pick up and carry along. Will have to see.

I have, along with OD, made spending decisions....mainly so we'll have money every day of the week. I have started a "Wish Book" of items. I know there are things I will have to get, like a vacuum cleaner (don't have one now) and things I would like (like artwork), so I have started a wish book and am cutting out pictures of things I would like to purchase. What I have pictures of may not be the exact thing I will buy, but it is a representative of what is needed/wanted. This way I can do a couple of things.

1. Have a list of items I need, so when that urge "I have to spend money" comes along I can go to my book and buy something that is needed rather than making an impulse buy.

2. I can think about it. There are "wants" in there, or rather wants at the moment. This way I can go back a few days/weeks/months later and see if it is really something I want or whether it was a whim of the moment.

Hopefully, this will help curb some spending. I have put classes in there I would like to take through my community college, mainly writing ones. This way I can plan on them. I know they cost a certain amount of $ and I can plan on working extra hours to earn that certain $ to have them.

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