Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Post #2

What is it about bamboo that always makes it look so calm and serene? Actually, after walking around on Thursday and taking some pictures at noon (which is why it looks a little washed out) and even the dog saying "this is just wwwaaayyyy to hot to be out here" the stand of bamboo managed to look cool and inviting.
Anyway, while I have both computers side by side, and everyone else still in bed, I am doing some of that "computer maintenance" stuff. Actually, I am saving some stuff to disc so if it does get removed from the desk top computer in the next few weeks, nothing will be lost. With the move OD will be in control of the "main" computer, the desk top and I will have the laptop. Right now the desk top, which is now in the computer room, is shared by the 2 of us a lot of the time. With the move, the desk top will be going into her room and I will have to use the laptop for just about everything, which was the original idea 18 months ago. She did have an old computer in her room which she mainly listened to music and read fanfic off of, but with the move there will be no room for 3 computers (or need), so the old computer will go to her dad's house since it will actually be an upgrade of what he has now and will give them 2 computers to use there. What did we do before computers?
Started reading Chosen Forever this morning. I had read Chosen by a Horse a few months ago an loved it...cried too. In the intro is a quote I just love....
She is talking about writing this book and having to go on a book tour, which she dreads...
"The tour was a reminder that when you are doing what you're suppose to be doing in this life, amazing things can happen."

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