Friday, June 06, 2008


Not the greatest job ever done of altering the front of a book, but at least it hides that it is a calendar.

Yes, I know, a calendar in June? But as most mom's know, kids run on an academic schedule and not a January-December schedule, so I generally buy my calendar in June and it will run July-June of next year. Actually this one will run through December 2009.

And I have to have one that has a month at a glance page, as well as areas for daily stuff. My job allows for shift trading and boy do we shift trade. It's really great because if you need a day off or want to pick up hours, there is always someone who will work with you. And then OD and Texter have their activities I need to keep track of, so I need the month-at-a-glance page to keep track of that.

Then I need the daily areas so I can write more detailed notes, addresses, phone contacts, etc down in. It's the Virgo in me I know. But this is what the old one looked like on a month glance page. I used a "teacher" style calendar last time and the size was just a little big. The new one is the size of a moleskin, but a little thicker....with stickers. Ok, I am a sucker for the stickers. At least I didn't go with the really "MOMMY" calendar--that look doesn't work for me.

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