Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh, no, got creative!

Last Sunday I got creative in a couple of ways. Even after saying I was going to put things on hold until after the move.

First, I want to participate in the NaBloPoMo for June, so I wrote several posts (this one included) in advance and scheduled them to be released on a daily basis so I wouldn't get busy and forget.

Second, I bought a new calendar and couldn't stand the "advertising" on the front, so I grabbed some things which hadn't been tossed or packed yet and decorated it. Added a ribbon to mark my spot and a long ribbon to tie it up so things I stuck in there wouldn't fall out.

I think one trick to being more creative/productive is to tell yourself you can't be, you have other things to do. Then you start getting all twitchy, like a cat's tail, until you do something. I had said I wasn't going to try to do any art journaling since I was packing stuff up and I wanted to concentrate more on my writing. So I now have doodles in my journal. Can't say no.

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