Sunday, June 22, 2008

Farmer's Market Saturday

I did have a really nice picture -- I thought -- of the box of veggies and fruits I put together and took to my BF house. However, great mind here did something funky and no pictures.

Actually, I had to take OD to work and I dropped her off and went to Farmer's Market. I love Farmer's Market even though I don't "do" a lot of veggies. I am basically a bean/pea/corn/tomato type of girl. No squash or zucchini here!

But yesterday I arrived later than I normally do and it was packed! But there was corn! After watching all those terrible reports and showing crops underwater in the mid west, I was glad to see real, live corn. Yesterday's purchases: white corn, watermelon, peaches, basil, elephant garlic (which didn't make it into the bag), new potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, Italian bread and bell peppers. And cantaloupe. I put some of each into a small box for my BF and her husband (who is still pretty much housebound with broken ankle---no walking cast yet) and took it over to them.

Funny thing though with the peaches....once again I sliced some up only to come back and find a much smaller amount than I thought I had. HHHUUUUMMMMM.....maybe I should check every one's breath for peach?

But last night I had tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and bread for dinner. Today, since I am only working 4 hours for someone, I think I will fix the rest of the veggies. Might pick up a pre-cooked chicken or ribs to go along with them.
The picture of "veggie man" is by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Really neat for a 1500's kind of guy.

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