Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Powder and Genetics

Monday I poofed as I walked. Think Pigpen from the old Charlie Brown cartoons. With every step a small cloud of white powder was emitted. I had sprinkled baby powder in my walking shoes and being a new can, sprinkled a lot rather than a little. And I had also forgotten the tops of my shoes were mesh, therefore the "poof" factor. It's hard to be taken seriously when you stomp your foot and white clouds appear.

However, I am not to be blamed for this overabundant use of baby powder - it's genetic. i get it from my father. You know, one of those things you swear in your youth you promise the world "I will never, ever do that like my dad/mother do" only to find yourself doing it a few years later. My first encounter with this was not labeling Christmas presents like my mom....another story for another time.

My father exits the bathroom after a shower, leaving enough powder behind on the floor for 2 more people to go in and roll around in. My mother swears he has gotten better about containing it, but somehow I doubt it. Or maybe I am now carrying on the torch or rather baby powder container for the family. OD and Texter swear they will "never" use baby powder like that. Let's see. After all, it's genetic.

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