Thursday, September 15, 2016

Book Swaps and Angels

I recently signed up to participate with Chaotic Goddess and their "Books and Bloggers" swap.  I enjoy it so much, I convinced a co-worker and friend to sign up also.  Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out the way I had planned.  So much so, with my books purchased, boxed and ready to go...

well, that "mother-thinks-something's-not-right" feeling kicked it.  And I was correct.


The wonderful, wonderful, wonderful (did I tell you they were wonderful) women on the group rallied around and I received the following from several different people.

Books were flying in from Amazon to my delight!  

The Tiffany Bookmarks were from someone who I had been in a swap with previously.  And they remind me, in storage, I have the cross stitch panels for a couple of huge, cross stitched Tiffany windows (one of these days!).  And the Reading Journal...well, what can I say?  A journal and all about reading.  It has some delightful prompts on different book related areas to refine my selections.

The Neil Gaiman, American Gods, is huge!  And I need to be reading me some Gaiman books also.  And The Raven Boys has been on my radar for ages.  Actually, every time I walk by the shelf at the library which has The Raven King on it, I am reminded I need to start reading this series.

The Royal Nanny is one I will probably loan out to the co-worker/friend who I talked into this swap to begin with.  She is into all things British and royalty.  I'll let her take a gander at it while I go through the other two books.

So, while the swap didn't go exactly as I had hoped, there are angels out there with books who made this a delightful experience!  Now onto the Halloween Swap!

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  1. Bummer! How could someone flake on you? I'm so glad the swap angels came through!


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