Sunday, September 04, 2016

Week In Review - August 28 - September 3

Fall has officially arrived in Montana.  We have gone from the 90's earlier in the week, to the 50's today with rain predicted for the next couple of days.  And even the 's' word (snow) was mentioned in the forecast (for higher elevations).  Which means, if it does snow, I will probably see it on the hills just up the street from the house.

But with the advent of fall, comes the caramel apples from Parrot Confectionary.  They are to die for. And if you work there...

Well, you can grab some just as soon as they are made.

They are huge, Honeycrisp apples covered in a creamy caramel and rolled in chopped pecans.  perfection on a stick.  Since today is going to be a housecleaning session, mine will be cut up and nibbled on as 'inspiration'.

Lady K (and a bit myself) suffered from a bit of 'something' the first part of the week.  My head is still 'not right' (physically, not mentally).  So after another cup of coffee, think I will switch over to hot tea.

A big highlight to the week was receiving a letter from my friend back in North Carolina.  It's always a thrill to hear from her.  We go way back and aided and abetted each other in our needlework frenzies back in the day.

Another highlight - giving a shortened version of my upcoming planner class to a group of college freshmen.  They didn't all fall asleep and the instructor was very complimentary.  So much so I almost had to sleep outside because I couldn't get my head in the door.

Otherwise, during the week:

  • started the 30-day Journaling challenge with Lisa Sorona
  • moved Gracie (meyer lemon) and George (banana tree) indoors since cooler temperatures have arrived, along with Herbie (my pot of herbs)
  • Order my stickers and posters for NaNoWriMo (can't wait!)
  • Wrote a whopping 9 posts
  • Finished 4 books
  • But only walked 39,709 steps, or 57% of my goal

Today will be a house-cleaning-marking-chores-off-the-list day.  A new recipe for Slow Cooker Beef Barley Soup will be cooking, as well as a batch of fresh, homemade bread.  May try the Challah-in-a-Bag recipe too.  And I will put on a pot for making chicken stock with the left over chicken bones.  Might turn that into some chicken soup for later next week.

Also this coming week...

  • Finish up final tweaks to planner class.
  • Lead Planners/Planning/Productivity workshop next Saturday
  • Start fleshing out ideas for workshops in 2017 (hopefully with a co-worker brainstorming with me)
  • Finish up demo pieces for my Bee Hive Block and post for the group
  • Write CL in NC and Danielle in France
  • Attend baseball game with group from the library
  • Give blood on Wednesday
  • Enjoy having an extra day off because of Labor Day

It's going to be a full and fun week ahead!

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