Thursday, September 22, 2016

Planner Dilemma - Year End and 2017 Plans (Already)

I have discovered what the biggest problem with leading a workshop on planners and planning is...


I am in the midst of a planner 'problem'.  

You see, I am currently using an original Bullet Journal (#3) for my planner since July.  Actually, I started a modified version earlier in another notebook and then started using the Bullet Journal when I got my hands on one.  It works for me.  The whole process gels for me and my 'style'.

Now comes the problem - I really, really, really want a Hobonichi Cousin.  A bigger version of #9 in the picture above.  I have wanted one for a couple of years now, ever since I learned about them.  And after handling a Techo (the smaller size), has only reinforced my desire. I love the monthly, weekly and daily pages already laid out for me.  I love the feel of the paper.  I just love it. 

The one I currently have will become a 'card journal' I think.  I want to start working with my cards and drawing one a day.  This will be the log for them.  It's small enough to fit right in.  And I can just ignore the day of the week and year, making it a continuous log until it's all used up.


Not only do I have another Leuchtturm 1917 (#4) available, which is basically a Bullet Journal, and also...

A Personal-Planner for 2017 (#6), which is customized for me. So do I stay with what I have currently or do I satisfy my 'desire'?  A lot depends on the pocketbook in the next few weeks.

Then my second issue is about the other notebooks.

Notebook #2 is my current journal and #5 is a notebook where I have my Master List of   Goals/Projects/Collections/etc.

However, the bottom planner (#1) is a Franklin zippered ring binder.  I picked it up at the thrift store and it feels so good.  It's leather or really good fake stuff.  With it, I can add and subtract pages.  I am thinking about taking my Master List and transferring it over to the ring binder.  That way I can add/move/subtract pages as I want to.  I can also make decorative dividers for the sections.  But I just started the other notebook.  It was a discounted notebook from Barnes and Noble, if I remember correctly.  It would make a fun weekend project moving things over to the ring binder and since it's so large, I know I won't take it out with me.

I am currently thinking once my current journal (#2) is filled (which it almost is), I would move my journaling over to my fauxdori (#7).  I can get additional inserts as needed and it is also a size I can carry with me easily.  

I have been using a little paper notebook for my brain dump notes recently.  I think I am going to get some filler paper for my little Filofax, another thrift store find.  I can drop it in my purse and take pages out and put in my journal or planner.

Right now, for my planner, whether or not if I obtain my Hobonichi for 2017, the Personal-Planner will be a planner I am going to use for 2-3 big goals I want to accomplish/track/plan in 2017.  It will be a stay-at-home-on-the-desk planner.  My Hobo would be the one I carry with me.

If I don't get the Hobo, then I think I will keep going in the Leuchtturm 1917 for 2017 (a bit poetic there).  It's a nice olive green.

So there you have dilemma.  

"To Hobo or not to Hobo, that is the question!"

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  1. wow you have a lot of them and all I can think of to say is you are a busy person . or rather very scheduled person . But hey I guess in a way we all are rather scheduled and busy these days . take care and have a great day .


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