Monday, September 12, 2016

Melon Monday

No, not a "Mandala" Monday, but "Melon" Monday.

I am hoping and keeping fingers crossed my few little melons and pumpkins can make it a bit longer until they mature.  Along with the many green tomatoes on the vine.  Temperatures have been up and down and there is a chance of frost one night this coming week.

Right now they are about the size of my hand.

These are the pepitas pumpkins and hoping they grow bigger and ripen.  They won't turn orange like other pumpkins, but be a combination of orange and green.  Will see how they survive the next few weeks.

This melon (and I will have to look up exactly which one it might be) is growing from the fence.  Since they say you can grow them vertically, will have to see how it does.  

There are several tiny, baby melons and pumpkins, but they have been either dying from blossom end rot or 'disappearing' before they get much bigger than my thumb.

So this is my Monday and I will be watering them in the evenings to hopefully keep the frost off them this week and hope the cooler days will still encourage growth.

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