Thursday, September 01, 2016

September Goals

Ok, where did August go?  One minute it's July and the next it's September 1!

My plans for August included the following:

  • Catch up on RSC16 for May, June, July and August - NO!
  • Do the Bee Hive block for August and do mine for September and have ready to post by the end of the month - yes and no.  I got August done and September is cut out and ready to go almost.
  • Finish up the power point and handouts for Planner class - for the most part
  • Write up a posting schedule for August - did, but didn't follow it
  • Complete one piece of clothing - cut out and started
  • Hit walking goal - HA, HA, HA!
  • Organize and start on Big Read Projects - once again, yes and no, but don't go there
  • Knit and Swirl sweater through Welt 35 - not even!
  • Get Texter and Lady K ready to start school at the end of the month (free time for me arrives!) - done and they have started the semester
  • Attend a couple of Silent Writing meetings - NO!  Fail!

So for September - 

  • Catch up on RSC16 from May to September
  • Hit walking goal consistently
  • Teach my planner classes
  • Start on ideas for 2017 classes
  • Attend Silent Writing meetings
  • Finish the dragon hat
  • Finish up to Welt 35 on Knit and Swirl
  • Buy the World of Warcraft expansion
  • Consistently drink water
  • Finish one piece of clothing
  • Set up 2017 goals for writing and creating
  • One book off my book shelf weekly
  • Get back on track with Postcrossing
  • Back to more meal planning
  • Do the 30-day Journal Project
  • Get tie-downs and life jacket for kayak and go kayaking
  • Catch up on the Modern Half Square Sampler

It's a long list I know.  But I am a bit excited right now about how today went in teaching a pared down version of the planner class.

And it's my birthday this month!  

September is going to be good!

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  1. Look at you with all of your fabulous goals checked off and new ones made. I am so impressed. :-)

  2. Happy birthday month! :D And congrats on getting so much done (and started) for September. Yay!

  3. Yes, September will definitely be good! Congrats on the goals you met! :)


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