Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Even More Angel Goodness

Yesterday wasn't ending well.  Lady K had complained about her ear hurting on Sunday and Monday afternoon the daycare called to let us know she was running a 104-105 fever and come and get her.  So I left work before the end of my shift, picked up Texter from school and off we went.  Luckily, we could get her into the doctor a bit later that afternoon.  

I was scrambling to contact co-workers and swap shifts around so I could be off during the day while Texter was at school to watch Lady K.

During all the scrambling and running around and hysterical Lady K at the doctor (another long story), I found a box from Jenefer R. on my front porch.

It was like Christmas, birthday, and every holiday in between!  

These were the books in the box.  Many of them are ARC's, but who cares!  A stack of 10 books!

But my swap angel didn't stop there.  No.....

All the nooks and crannies in the box were filled with wonderful goodies!  Bookmarks and stickers for my planners.  Pens and pins.  Even a Moleskine notebook and a wonderful tote bag.

And the little castle in the middle of the picture is a castle...

And it opens!

Jenefer is not just a swap angel, she's a swap saint!

In order to spread the love around, I have read Delicious and The Time Machine and I have another copy of The Raven Boys.  Anyone interested in one or more of them, please let me know and I will send them on.

This is the kind of people you can 'meet' in these swaps and it surely makes your day.  Thanks to all my swap angels who stepped in.  While I hope I never have to have them again, it is nice to know the system works miracles.


  1. oh I see a Jennifer haigh in the pile I have a fave book by her called mrs kimble and if you have not read it I urge you to do so it is an excellent book . I thoroughly enjoyed it and thanks for turning me onto blogging for books I have one coming to me . You are a powerhouse lady and God bless you have a great week .

  2. wow and you felt like Christmas too huh ? I would have too . I would love to read delicious if you want to send it to me that would be great just let me know and I will send my addy to you thanks . take care .

  3. WOW! The swap angels seriously rode in, like on winged heraldic dragons or something. I am floored at Jenefer's generosity! And now filled with warm fuzzies.

    I also hope Lady K is alright. Ear infections are the worst (or, well, one of the worst. Certainly no picnic).

  4. Awesome! The Chaotic Goddesses are a great swap group! Hurrah for more books!


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