Thursday, January 13, 2005

11 Hours At Work Again

Have you ever savored the weekend so much you can almost taste it? I am off both of my days off this weekend. It is suppose to turn cold. is winter and even in North Carolina we are suppose to be colder than 74 in January. It's raining tonight, colder tomorrow and suppose to be in the 40's during the day over the weekend. I can't wait!!!!!!

Goth Daughter is going both Friday and Saturday nights for sleepovers and Trumpet Princess will be with her dad. My decision is bed or couch....or kitchen, couch, then bed. Will put the old roast in the crock pot and coffee in the pot and sit and knit and what movies on the DVD player all weekend. And only things that don't make me think. Brain is resting this weekend.

But I want to start on socks....never made any before, but want to get started on some.

First set of socks will be done out of this. Perhaps in time for Valentine's for the Trumpet Princess?

Then I want to work on a pair of lacy gauntlets from the Knitting 1.1 magazine. Have a bright red Microspun and will make those for Valentine's for Goth Daughter. She will wear red with her black.

Then I would like to finish my second Marsupial bag and work on there enough time in the weekend or will I have to give up a nap or two? This could get complicated.


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    That is perfect Valentine's Yarn!

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