Sunday, January 02, 2005

Finish Up the Weekend

I had 2 skeins of Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick and wasn't going to use it on what is was originally purchased for. Then came across a free Lion Brand pattern out of a magazine for this wrap. Basically, a rectangle, twisted and then ends sewn together and a big pin to decorate the front. Took it with me at Christmas to Texas as a "no brainer" stitch. The black chenille looks like a really rich stole when finished.

Goth Princess agreed to model for me. After all it is "black". Blaze (or Fat Cat) had to get his picture made also.

Wrap is done in black Lion Brand Chenille from a free pattern....very quick and easy. The pin is a brooch from Carol's mother old jewelry stash. Posted by Hello

And then, the really "sick" part of the weekend, first Christmas present of 2005 finished! Actually, now that I have the idea of felting down (first project) and have the yarn out, will do a second bag with more striping, some squares maybe. I may not be original and design my own patterns, but, by George, give me an existing pattern and I am not afraid to alter fibers, colors, whatever.

Marsupial Bag (without baby bag) complete. Goth Daughter and Trumpet Princess think it is neat. Posted by Hello

Off to eat dinner with friends before heading back to work on Monday after a two week vacation.

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