Sunday, January 30, 2005

Long Sunday Post

I am no longer a sock virgin! I have completed the first sock! Have learned some lessons from it that, unfortunately, I will have to hold off on for the second sock. At least it is too long rather than too short. So with a roast in the crock pot and my only plans to scurry out 3 blocks to get a newspaper, I will cast on the second sock today and see how far I get. After my failed attempts recently at starting, felting bags, it feels good to have something turn out ok.

Finished first sock. At least it looks somewhat like a sock.

Slightly burry truth that I can still stand on one leg and put my foot on the table and not fall over! Pretty good for a Sunday morning before coffee!

We escape the dreaded ice, power outages, etc. yesterday and early this morning. I was out "checking the weather" at all hours last night to be sure it wasn't accumulating much and just mainly rain. I have to laugh at the whole "checking the weather" because that is what my Dad would have done. And who says somethings aren't genetic! That, and being pre-menipausal I don't always sleep well. What else can you do at 2am?

Iced berries for the birds, at least this morning.

But this is really the extent of our icing here. North and west of us, there is more, but being the selfish person that I am, I am only concerned about me and mine....can me get mine car out of the driveway and get somewhere safely. Yes. Ok the world according to me is fine. However, I do have to feel for my co-workers....they are having to deal with people in/out of Atlanta that are stranded. Feel sorry for them and the travelers. Poor guy that I rebooked yesterday for today out of Atlanta who didn't get to go home earlier this week because of having his appendix removed. Now it looks like he will be stuck another day or two. At least he had friends in Atlanta. That's when you want to be home with "mommy", in your own bed.

This is the extend of the icing here in the Raleigh area---no complaints from me!

So we are fine here today. Actually the ice looks pretty on the trees. Since we are suppose to warm up to about 38-40 degrees today, it will soon be gone. That's how I like my "winter" experiences. Looks good for about 12 hours through the window.

Off for a refill on coffee and to check on the bread in the oven.


  1. We've just been getting the cold air down here along the coast - but it's so cold and dry my skin feels itchy all the time. If it's gonna be this cold it might as well snow!

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