Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No Knit Tuesday

I was bad today. Read at work instead of knitting. Had a new book of gratitous sex and vampires. Have to get my thrills somehow. Then came home, ran Goth Daughter to store to get invitations to her belated birthday party in a couple of weeks. Poor thing was born 3 days after Christmas, so she is usually gone from home during that time period or all her friends are. So we are doing a belated birthday celebration with her friends. Anyone want to help escort about 8 13-14 year old girls to eat Chinese food, bring them home for an evening of giggles and anime (Japanese cartoons---which I can call them since Goth Daughter won't see this).

But they are all great girls and since they are not boy crazy (BIG SIGH OF RELIEF) I can take an evening of cutting up and giggles.

Start of second Marsupial Bag. Am trying for checks.

All the colors that I am going to try and put into the bag.
But if I had done any knitting tonight it would have been on my second Marsupial Bag that I am trying for checkers on the bottom portion. Instead of was helping "Mozart" get a costume together. Trumpet Princess has to give a presentation on Mozart for history class tomorrow and she need to dress like him, have some props for her talk. She didn't like my "what did Mozart say when they dug him up---go away, I'm decomposing" joke. After 40-something years it still sounded funny to me.
So we finished Mozart and sat on the couch together and played video games. She gets a good laugh when Mom gets the controls. Goth Daughter was upstairs singing along with "Phantom of the Opera".


  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Those colors look so "Springy" together!


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