Wednesday, January 05, 2005

When You Least Expect It! The Perils of Organization

In my semi-organzied state, I have all my straight needles (or at least the ones that I can find at the present time) are in a basket on a bookcase. My circular and dpn's are in an old shoebox. At least they are together.

So, here I was searching for some size 0 dpn's that I just knew that I had. And I pull down the basket just to check I had not thrown the needles in there and see what was looking back at me. Eyes.....dozens of eyes......

The "eyes" have it!
These are the eyes that I carefully put where I could find them (yes, scaring myself in the process) when I knit more of the Gator Mittens from Stitch and Bitch Nation. Talk about a fun knit in that they are quick to do and ssssoooooo much fun to wear. Adults go crazy over them.

Gators, gators everywhere and it's 70 degrees outside!
This is the Trumpet Princess' pair. I have "borrowed" them on occassion to drive to work in. There is something fun and satisfying about having your "gator mouth" biting into the steering wheel and those wobbly eyes watching traffic with you. The adults I have knitted these for have gotten more fun out of them than the kids. Most of the pairs I have done out of Reynolds Signature yarn in a bright green. Waiting more from my LYS. This pair is in blue because that is TP's favorite color. I did a pair for her band instructor in the school colors---dark green for the body and a bright yellow for the mouth. He's had a ball with them.
And while there are a couple of corrections on the Stitch and Bitch site for patterns in the books, everything I have done out of the two books have been fast, easy and fun.
Well, "Lost" is on and I need to work on my Marsupial Bag some.......