Sunday, January 02, 2005

It's All About ME!


I have to say that I have never been this "organized" before. I have already finished one present for Christmas 2005 and it is only day 2 of the year. My sister wanted me to knit the Marsupial Bag from Stitch and Bitch minus the baby bag attachment. So it is done. As soon as the light is right I will take a picture of the finished product.

This is the SnB Marsupial Bag minus the "baby" bag before felting. I forgot about the twisted stitch at the corners of the bag until about 10 rows into it. Posted by Hello

This might be the final Christmas present until December! But hey, at least I'm trying.

But to tell everyone in the world about me......

I am a recent convert (the past year) from cross stitch to knitting. I had learned about 20 years ago how to knit and had piddled with projects on and off for the past few years. 2004 became the year I kicked it into high gear, pretty much dropping needlework in favor of knitting. I am fortunate enough I can do this at work (helps to keep from going postal) and knitting is much more portable and can drop it and pick it up far more easily that cross stitch.

I am supported by a Thursday night Stitch and Bitch group that was meeting before SnB became popular. However, we are more of a "stitch and solve the world's problems and what did she think she was doing group". They are very tolerant that I knit rather than cross stitch, but then they are a great group of women.

I am a single mom of 2 lovely girls, 14 (just turned) and 11 1/2 years old. When they are not bugging each other, the oldest is semi-goth and looking for a kilt-wearing vampire; the youngest, is into Nintendo DS and trumpet playing in anything red/white/blue. Could I get more opposite? But they support their mom's fiber habits, even to the point of allowing me an hour in a LYS before going to see Phantom of the Opera for her birthday.

Anyway, my goal for 2005 is to swatch and be more organized. I have started a knitting journal and will record what/when/how and where I am doing and remember to swatch before starting.....Most of the time.....Maybe.....Ok, ok, I will.

Off to see what housework needs to be done before starting on a second Marsupial Bag. Since the wool is out, why not have it done already!

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