Sunday, January 09, 2005

Art For Art's Sake....Sunday in the Museum

Had an enjoyable Sunday. For the past few months I have been working Sundays for other people, but have made it my resolution for the new year to keep them open for myself. Today Carol and I went to the NC Museum of Art and viewed the "Matisse, Picasso and the School of Paris" exhibit. It has one more week here and then gone. Luckily, Carol ordered tickets in advance, because it was sold out for the weekend by Saturday morning.

So off we went to IHOP for breakfast.....ok, ok, everything can't be too highbrow here. And then off to the museum. Since she can't walk and stand for long periods of time, my admission to the exhibit for me pushing her around in the wheelchair. Don't you just love friends you can push around!

But the exhibit was great. I would have been a great model 50-100 years ago. No ribs showing on those women!! In fact, there were a couple of Matisse bronzes that looked just about how I look getting out of the shower---some people would view that as a scary thought....but see, it's art!

I bought some postcards and notecards as my memento of the day. Will send a couple to my grandmother over the next few weeks with a hello, the rest go into my journal.

Carol got this for me from Starbucks where we went afterwards to try the new "Chantico". Don't think dropping $3 at Starbucks is what is meant by prosperity, but it sure did taste good!

Went to Starbucks to get a Chantico that someone had mentioned they were offering starting the 8th of January. Suppose to be like a melted truffle.....ok, new addiction! It was good. They had some neat mugs, and Carol and I are both suckers for mugs.

I need about a gallon mug for it to do any good here!
The mug is a little more purple than it looks like here.

So now back home with the princesses from their dad's. And back to reality. I have started on Clapotis and will try and get a pic of progress and yarn. Using a 65% cotton/35% acrylic yarn that is really soft. I am aiming to use it during the summer at work. They keep the building cold and I can protect from air conditioning drafts with it. So far, with about 6 inches done, it is fun to do. I can see I may have to do several just for the fun of it.

Waiting to find the new Vogue Knitting on the news stand. I looked at their site at some of the items in there and I am really intrigued by the felted flower basket purse. Could we say birthday present in September to my mom who is a garden club member?

Well, off to start the potato soup and knit some on Clapotis.

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