Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Haven't done much knitting the past few days. Did finish up a "version" of the marsupial bag. However, due to technical difficulties (I tried to do checks) there appeared a couple of holes where I tried to tie off color changes rather than carrying them along. Dismal failure #1 today.

I haven't felt well (down in my back) and Goth Daughter managed to get both bronchitis and sinusitis at the same time. If you are going to go, go for the gold. So I really haven't felt like knitting since anything I take for my back, knocks me out. Ok, so I can lick a benadryl and fall asleep----I'm also a cheap drunk.

Pulled out the yarn for Market Basket Bag and realized I didn't have a size 8 circular needle. So then I pulled out the yarn for Flower Basket Bag and realized the size 19 needles would make a suitcase sized purse. Scaled it down to a size 15 needle and it gauges out fine. However, somewhere between the directions and my fingers something has gone awry. Will have to frog it all back and start over, at least on the pattern repeat.

So, until I feel a little better mentally and physically, I am not touching anything that is more than a garter stitch! Dishclothes here I come!

By the way, not to be left out of the "ailing", Trumpet Princess managed to jam a finger playing basketball and someone stepped on the same hand. Luckily it's her left. We are reserving judgment about a run to the doctor's until tomorrow. Doesn't look all that swollen, but might be bruising on the side of the hand.

Whine, whine, whine........I am going to bed and will enact the "Cone of a Wonderful Day" upon waking tomorrow morning!


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