Saturday, January 22, 2005

Nose Warmer and Flower Basket Purse

Goth Daughter came home from school a couple of days ago, asked for a hug and preceeded to put a lump of ice, commonly known as her nose, on my cheek. Told her she needed a nose warmer. She agreed to wear it if I knitted it. As it happens there was a pattern for one in Amy Singer's Knit Wit. Only problem is nowhere in the book does it tell you how to "wrap" a stitch. So had to do a little research on that one. But finished the nose warmer. Several people at work had rather rude suggestions as what it could be----if it were bigger!

Pre-sleepover revenge and a nose warmer.

So here is the Goth Daughter, like covering her eyes will make her unidentifible modeling her nose warmer. It should look really cute with her kitty ears cap and her red gauntlets.

Yesterday was off running errands, getting ready for the "Belated Birthday Sleepover" which is this evening. I have the perfect project to keep myself confined to my room with. Purchased the yarn for the Flower Basket Purse that is in the Winter 2004/2005 Vogue Knitting Magazine.

Reynolds Lopi for Flower Basket Purse

Going to use Lopi, two-strands, instead of the Tahki Baby called for. I had debated about changing the roses to yellow, after all I am from Texas and they are my favorite rose color. However, staying with the red roses as in the pattern.

Colors a little off here. From left to right, black, leaf green, dark olive and raspberry.

I have noticed a trend on several blogs that they are exiting or entering or staying in the "Year of the Sock". I think I am in the "Year of the Felted Bag". Have one finished, one halfway through, 2 with the yarn purchased and dozens of patterns I want to try. Luckily, most of the bags I want to make a large. You can't have too many totes for projects. And most of my friends are needleworkers also, so they can use totes also. I am still fascinated by the whole process of throwing it into the washing machine one way and it coming out another. Simple minds are easily amused!


  1. Nice colors on the Lopi..I just got that VK issue and that bag is great! Where did you get the yarn? I need to make a trip to Great Yarns soon

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