Friday, January 14, 2005

Red Friday

Ok, so I will be admitting to my social life here, but both of the girls are out of the house tonight. So it's me, couch, red yarns, two projects and watching DVD's. Took time out from knitting and Matrix Reloaded to make an entry today and validate my existence.

The item on the left is the start of the red gauntlets for Goth Daughter for Valentine's Day. The project on the right is my first pair of socks being started and are for Trumpet Princess for Valentine's Day. I will be altering the sock pattern a little as TP prefers anklet-type socks, so I will only make the leg part about 5 inches rather than 7 as the pattern calls for. Unfortunately, in my family we women have a large foundation on which we stand. Size 10 in middle school. Luckily for them, they have a wide range of choices of shoes. In my day, the days when the world was in black and white as my oldest says, I had a choice of Keds, and Keds only. Remember when Keds were the only tennis shoes you could get. And you were grown up when you wore a pair without the rubber across the toe. Now they are a fashion statement.

Saddle oxfords were the other choice, as was penny loafers. So I basically had two shoes, Keds and loafers. Saddle oxfords never graced these size 10 narrows! Or you could wear 2-3 inch high heels. Not approriate for junior high!

Anyway, making a nice amount of progress on the two progress, swapping out as I get tired of one. With the girls gone I can leave me "stuff" out on the couch. I am fortunate my cats (3 of them) feel messing with my yarn is beneath them. If I leave it out they don't mess with it unless it is to lay on it. On occassion, the oldest will "kill" a skein and I will hear these strange mews coming from him, but he has never bother WIP's.

So back to the couch and knitting and Matrix. What can I watch next?

This is what a "Red Friday" looks like. Couch, red yarn and two projects at the same time.


  1. Well, since I chose Blazing Saddles as my intellectual choice to watch while I work on my Anagram Diffusion 2005 Sampler I can't claim to any great intellectual evening myself.

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