Monday, January 03, 2005

Back to Work After Two Weeks Off - Reality Bites

Still Under Semi-Construction........

After two weeks off for vacation, which was lovely with the family in Texas, back to reality. And reality bites a big one. Although I got more knitting done at work today than during vacation---go figure.

Anyway, back to the Flower Bloom washcloths from Weekend Knitting.

Done in Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille
But have about eight more to do for my Thursday night group. They are easy and go fairly quickly. The good thing about work is that I have someone near me who gets bored and is willing to wind yarn for me. Can you ask for more?
Another bad thing about having "crafty" friends is that if you come up with an idea, they can come up with more for you. The Marsupial Purse, I am doing a second one and had said was going to do the bottom in purple/green alternating squares, really jazz it up. Then she comes up with what about black/white squares, red line, solid white top. Guess who had to get wool while out buying music for Trumpet Princess?
What is it when you get on a roll with something, then everything you see is about that "thing"? I started on this felted purse. It worked out well. Then started second one. Have yarn for third. Then Pieceworks has a great felted backpack. Saw another magazine I have to go back and get with felted purses in it with pockets. Purses, purses everywhere and not a dollar to put in any of them!
So it's onto the couch for an evening of tv and knitting. Can you ask for more?

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