Saturday, January 08, 2005

It's Saturday!

......and I still have to work. Doing two 1/2 shifts. At least I don't have to be there until 11am. But downside, working until 730pm.

Purchased the yarn for clapotis yesterday after work and started on it a little last night. Will post pictures a little later.

Going to the art museum on Sunday. The exhibit is sold out this weekend it turns out, so I am glad we bought pictures in advance. It is for the Matisse/Piscasso exhibit. In exchange for pushing Carol around in a wheelchair, she bought my ticket.

Poster from the Matisse, Picasso, and the School of Paris exhibit at the NC Museum of Art.

Need to learn more about "blogging". Want to add links and buttons and do it all up like others, but guess that takes time.

So off to get coffee and continue by day. I have to be the one to bring in the frappachinos today from Starbucks.

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