Sunday, May 01, 2005

The reason for.......

not being able to afford to knit for at least the next 100 years! Two weeks away from being "fixed" and Helsing decides that at about 3 pounds he is going to rule the neighborhood. Now my two fat cats stroll around and everyone knows them and other cats look at them and go "if they sit on me I'm dead" and leave them alone. Helsing comes home last weekend with a right nasty bite/tear/big open place on his hind end. So for the past week I am been medicating him watching his $400 shaved butt trot/leap/jump/knock over plants/pick on fat cats. The vet was concerned I would have a problem getting his pain medicine (where's mine!) and the antibiotics down him. He's only 3 pounds! I've medicated horses! Your wrap a towel around him and stick him under your arm and open his mouth and the stuff goes right down!

And with every dose I seen skeins of yarn floating away!

"You have to sleep sometime!"

But on the other hand, he's not thrilled with me. "N" day is still a couple of weeks away (ha, ha, ha!) and I'm the only one in the household who is not "poor kitty". Poor kitty my ass! Poor Mom!

And then there is the fact that I reached into my bag to get out clapotis and found it had tried to slip its needles. I have it all back on the needles after holding my breath for what seemed like hours getting it back on. I haven't had the never to get it back out and knit another row and put the markers back on it. Call me a coward!

Charlotte's Web got a mini-dose of lemonade one day and I pulled it out to let it dry and haven't touched it either.

The major cause of my lack of knitting......Gardening! For those that are interested you can follow my progress on my gardening blog,

Hopefully in the next couple of days I will have a pic of the spindle a very talented co-worker made for me. Can you get jailed for fondling a spindle?