Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of the Year

The weather is suppose to go from the 60's down into the 40's....more winter-like. I am waiting with baited breath because I just know winter is going to hit with a killer come January or February. The rest of the country has been hit, so I can't believe we will be spared. Texter is wanting snow, I'm not.

Fixed my 2nd "new" dish a couple of nights ago......once again I didn't take pictures. In fact, I am looking for the cord to download some pictures right now. It was Lemongrass Beef Skewers from Martha Stewart's magazine. Did not add the peanuts at the end, but served it with rice, fresh pineapple and the lettuce leaves.

Once again, a mixed response. Texter liked it. OD did not. It was ok, but I was pleased I had used lemongrass and fish sauce, neither of which I had cooked with before. OD did give me thumbs up for the presentation. It did look nice. Will I fix again, probably not. But it was easy to fix. Maybe if I did have a grill rather than having to cook them under the broiler it might change my mind a little.

Since I consider the "new year" starting after Christmas, I have now fixed 2 new meals in the new year. Have a 3rd one planned.

Better get dressed as I need to walk over to the library and pick up some books I had reserved and take some back. And then need to come home and get the Christmas decorations down and put away and start working on my quilts.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

18 Years Ago Today....

I was in the hospital, nursing this being. She was much, much smaller then, but not any less cute. Well, actually, she was awfully wrinkly and not really all that cute to be honest. But they told me I had to take her home. Since they had given me happy drugs, I agreed.

When I knew I was going to have a baby I did not ask if it was going to be a boy or a girl. I KNEW it was going to be a boy....Matthew Randolph would be his name. We called the growing baby "Wilbur", like on Mr. Ed before she was born. And then we realized we needed a girl's name.

I had just finished teaching a class at work and there was a girl named "Tennessee" which I thought was wonderful (I am from Tennessee) and she thought it sucked. So I suggested "Carolina" IN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. Her father, being a huge UNC fan, quickly agreed.

And so she grew....ok, we will not mention she just bought herself a set of 3 sippy cups. Yes, they had "Belle" on them, but really!

And as she grew she discovered reading and all the joys it can excuses not to clean your room. She started out with fantasy and horror and then, unknown to her mother, starting reading her mother's romances. Alas, men in kilts are no longer safe. As are men with really long white blonde hair.

Besides reading, she enjoys writing. Usually about herself and the things going on in her life. And drawing. She has made several self portraits throughout her life.

And this......

And more recently, this.....

And she has always been a good student.......

playing well with others.

She is not afraid of dressing up and in fact, loves to put on different costumes......

and play dress up and do her hair differently.....

She then discovered boys. First, she tried making her own "man", but her efforts were short lived.

Now my baby is growing/grown up. She is in control of her future and has a bearing about her which few can match.

But hopefully, despite being "grown up" and an "adult", my wish for her is that throughout her life she never forgets to be a kid....................

Happy 18th birthday......Love, Mom

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Long Time and Starting to Catch Up

No, this is not exactly what mine looked like, but I did make the meal last night. Decided to try and have at least 1 "new" meal a week, to introduce something different rather than the same old meals.

So, while waiting to get my hair cut, OD and I saw this recipe in Real Simple magazine; Lemon Chicken with Olives. And since we were going to the grocery store right afterwards, picked up the ingredients for the chicken. Mine was served with a green salad, white rice and mango slices.

Verdict. The chicken was......ok. I am not a fan of olives anyway, but willing to give it a try. The taste was a little "different". I think it was the olives. OD liked it, but we both agreed it was not going to be a repeat. Texter ate a small piece and opted for a PBJ sandwich.

The hit, and a surprise for me, the mango. OD had asked for it at the grocery store, which was an eye-opener since I did not know she liked mango. Texter eyed it on her plate and then wanted more. So now I have another fruit I can get them to eat. I know it does not fit in the "eating local", but hey, get them to eat fruit willingly it great. Besides, what local fruits are there in North Carolina at the end of December? Come spring/summer with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, etc, etc and I'll do local then.

So as I write this, I am eating my breakfast of a bowl full of Great Grains cereal. So I can take my vitamins. Now, hand me my coffee.....loaded with sugar and milk....2%.