Sunday, March 28, 2010

I had so much fun I could ‘bearly’ stand it.

Yesterday, the puns flew.  They were ‘otterly’ bad puns to be sure.  But Savvy didn’t take it ‘lion-ing’ down.  She offered me  $1 if I could keep it up through the entire visit to the zoo.  I complied and received the $1, I feel, just to stop making bad puns.

Anyway, the girls had been asking, on and off, for the past couple of years, to go back to the zoo.  I had not been in decades.  In fact, half the zoo, the North American exhibit, was still under construction the last time I went.  So we finally went.  Another ‘poverty plan’ trip.

What was funny was we left early.  Texter sacked out in the back seat and Savvy in the front.  Not a sound of uttered until we turned into the entrance of the zoo and then it was like an electric current was pumped through them.  They were wired.

DSCN0675 This is not Savvy and I entering the zoo.  But rather it was more nippy than she thought it was going to be and we were heading back to the car for my jacket since she only had a tank top on under her hoodie.  And she was afraid she couldn’t find the car, so I had to go too.  Texter was layered to the teeth, so she was going to wait for us to come back.

DSCN0692 Texter even went so far and so forgo flip flops and wear shoes!

DSCN0680Pictures were also being taken on cell phones to send to various “fortunate” people during the day.

DSCN0717  We saw the polar bear.  He gave everyone a cold shoulder.

DSCN0715Some of the more interesting things (beyond some of the conversations Savvy and I overheard) were not in the official exhibits.  This pair of geese are camped out on the dividing wall between the polar bear enclosure and the seal lions.  They are either extremely brave or extremely stupid.

DSCN0721  They are definitely not two peas in a pod, but rather two nuts in a gourd.


This was one of my favorite signs during our walk through the zoo.  Words of wisdom for any animal, any time of the year.



And we even have our own geysers now.

DSCN0745  And if you are wondering what Savvy is fiddling with in these pictures.  She has her “Pokewalker” and is leveling one of her Pokeman characters.  Yep, she is 19.


Damn….they take all the fun out of the zoo these days!

DSCN0758  We visited the desert.  It was really enjoyable as it was in the 50’s outside.

DSCN0762There were several ‘domes’ around the zoo.  It is really nice to walk through the ‘cage’ and have an up close and personal view of everything. 

DSCN0767  Although some woman looked at me strange when I viewed this quail and stated “Tasty”.

DSCN0778The girls were well ‘bee-haved’ all day.

DSCN0780 This is our picnic lunch.  Savvy stated we were so “sketch” since we didn’t even have a blanket, but no one felt like walking over to the picnic tables.  We were sitting there eating out artisan bread, cheese, salami, strawberries and there was a loud sound which came from behind Texter.  She froze and Savvy and I sat up straight and turned our heads in the direction of the sound.  Then we all cracked up laughing as we looked like a herd of deer freezing at a sound. 


My favorite part are the flora.  Our next trip may have to be the orchid garden near Charlotte.  Two fold trip there.  Jack-in-the-Box drive-thru’s are in Charlotte.

DSCN0869  Some of us were getting a little tired and bored of the whole thing.


DSCN0907  The baboons were out in force.  And no, Texter, you can not call your sister’s boyfriend a baboon.


She looked so sweet.  I wanted to go pet her.

DSCN0953  And there were evil herbivores (see Eddy Izzard for that reference).

All in all it was a wonderful day.  The 200 or so pictures I took of flowers will have to wait for another day.

Oh, and on the way home……it was a repeat of the way down.  Both girls were asleep before we hit the road.



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Applesauce and Sourdough

Sunday, this all started.  Day 4 is today for me starting a sourdough starter and I just divided it for the second time.  I am using the instructions on The Fresh Loaf which I came across from Chocolate & Zucchini.  I have always loved ‘real’ bread ever since I was in high school and went to Italy and had un-Wonder bread for the first time.  I like a good crusty bread you have to chew.  

DSCN0664 Actually, these are the twins.  I was suppose to throw out half on Day 3, but I couldn’t bear to part with half.  So I had two going.  But today I did throw out half.  So I still have twins.  I might be giving myself bad luck by having two starters in case something goes wrong.


But they were bubbling nicely yesterday.  Today is the deal breaker.  Just divided and added more ‘food’ and will see how long it takes for it to double again.  I want to learn to do bread.  I had so-so results (better than other loaves in the past) with the no-knead bread, but I want to really make a great, crusty loaf of sourdough bread.  What interested me was as I read some of the instructions were two things - (1) I need to get scales in order to weigh out my ingredients and (2) I started my starter with rye flour.

And while I was in a ‘domestic diva’ mode yesterday (and the girls were still sleeping in), I used several of the apples I had from this big box of apples I had and made applesauce.


This is cooked and run through a sieve.  I got the recipe from the book Homesteading by Abigail Gehring.


The apples were all Fuji and still crisp and tart.  And the applesauce was to die for.  I made 3 pints and a bit.  The bit disappeared.


I might be tempted to save one until this October and enter it into the fair.  We will see.


Now for the rest of today it’s sewing, sewing and then sewing.  I have to finished up the bodice, do the sleeves and have Savvy try it all on so I can mark the hem.  Then it will all be handwork.  And scheming about the Spanish Surcote I want to make to go with it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

….and then there are the good days

Legally you are not allowed to terminate your teenager, regardless of how much at times you want to.  Therefore, when you have those days when everything is just right, you really, really enjoy it.  And today was one of those days. 

Savvy had an ‘engagement’ to go to the beach, so Texter and I decided we hadn’t been to the beach in ages either and packed our picnic lunch and water and decided a day at the beach was just the thing for us too.  The weather was suppose to be sunny until mid-afternoon and temperatures in the high 50’s, lows 60’s.  So tank tops in tow, off we set.

First off, we made it off with either one of us getting an attitude before we leave the parking lot.  Then we make it all the way to the beach with idle chit-chat.  Yes, we actually talked to each other!

We hit the beach….


Can you tell she’s happy to be here?

An aside……we came to the beach one time when she was probably about 3-4 years old.  Walking down the beach a friendly seagull decided she needed a souvenir of her trip to the beach and “dropped” off something on the shoulder of her t-shirt.  Which meant we had to make a detour to the t-shirt store with a crying child to get a new t-shirt.  She has not like seagulls since then.  Therefore….


She delights in making their life miserable.  But can you beat all the energy and joy in that picture?  I think we all need to chase a few seagulls down the beach.


We walked the beach looking for the perfect shells.  And delighted in the imperfect ones we found.


We found “George” the crab (who was on his last legs anyway).


And a couple of other kinds of crabs, along with a handful of crab ‘parts’, mainly little claws.  We are assembling a ‘Make Your Own Crab Kit’.


We watched the machinery used to bring in sand from off shore to build up the year.  This machine rode out in the water and pulled in pipe to the shore.


It left these tracks….


And other machinery left these……


And they were not bothered by any of it…..


More pictures of more shells still to come.  Applying aloe to the sunburn.  Texter came home and died fell asleep.  Savvy didn’t make it to the beach.  So we are planning a zoo trip in a couple of Saturdays before Ren Faire starts.  For all of us.

Yep… was a beautiful day at the beach.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I Have Been Doing Besides Working and Studying

As if working full time (or at least showing up in the office and sitting there) and studying (halfway through the semester), this is what I have been doing…..

Ren Garb 2010

So far, I have made a pirate shirt for Texter (as seen here using my laptop)

texter at computer

She seems to think if her head is hidden I won’t see her at my desk using my computer.

parade 2010

Texter is on the far left, second one in.  The first person in is another pirate (the cook) and I made his shirt for him.  I think he was pleased.  May be sewing his vest for him also.

But have made the 2 pirate shirts, one pair of pirate pants.  The pirate pants were actually a pair of pants which was for a belly dancing costume.  But Texter wanted “poofy”.  They were very quick and easy to make and now she wants additional pairs to wear around the house.  So does Savvy.  They are at the bottom of my to-do list at the present time.

I have made an quick and dirty corset (42 grommets later) for Savvy.


Made a new forepart and attached to the old underskirt.  A new underskirt is on the list of things to do.  New overskirt is ready for hemming and ‘blinging’ up.

But I love this fabric for the bodice. 

bodice fabric

It is ‘embroidered’ and a silk-like fabric.  I also have the same thing in a ‘leather’-like fabric which will be a sweet bag for her to put on her girdle.  And maybe a purse for me.

Also did a new chemise for Savvy.  She wanted one open down the front so she could flash some flesh.  She’s a single, queen’s lady in waiting, so she can.  Trying to confine my mess to my room so there is a least part of the apartment not a total housekeeping disaster.  So my ironing board also becomes a flat area for laying ‘stuff’.


And my drop leaf table becomes my sewing table.  I pull it over by the bed and sit on the bed to sew.  That way I have all the bed to put piles to work on.  Is actually very convenient, except I have to pick up when I finish every day.  And my bin with the fabrics using to make stuff with.


There is also a bag hanging on the back of my bedroom door with the stuff to make a French Hood head covering for when we do the Henry VIII in May.  There is going to be a ruff workshop in a couple of weeks I’m looking forward to.  Then Savvy will have a French hood or two to wear.

What’s after all of this?  Well, Savvy and a friend are making their cosplay costumes of which I will help with.  And then there is this lined jacket pattern I found for the girls which I want to make and have a lot of ideas to take it a step further.  So I have plenty of sewing left to do.