Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden Update–Forgive the Pictures

Like I said, I killed the camera with zombie blood.  But it was about 5 years old, so it will be replaced.  And Texter is off this weekend to the beach with her camera, so I am forced to use my el cheapo mobile phone camera.  So I apologize upfront about the pictures.  However, you will get the general idea.

asparagusThis is the asparagus I got from Farmer’s Market last weekend.  I turned it into my asparagus casserole, steaming the asparagus a little first.  It was ssssooooo good.

garden 0430And my beans have been growing like crazy the past week.  It won’t be too long before I see blooms on my beans.  I’m hoping/expecting a meal or too from them.  I have some extra seeds I will plan in other areas once these start blooming in order to get a continuous crop – hopefully.

juliette tomatoes 430And Juliette Grape has a couple of baby tomatoes and putting on more and more blooms.  I can’t wait until I get those first few tomatoes.  Black Prince is looking good, but the first few blooms didn’t set.  So he is running behind the girl at this point in time.

lettuce 430Finally, this is the pile of salad greens I picked this morning.  There is at least four nice sized salads worth here.  Romaine, arugula, spinach and Red Sails lettuce are the four varieties of greens here.  Yummy.

So sorry for the crummy pictures.  But they will be improving…..when Texter returns and I can use her camera – minus the zombie blood.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Where I Learned to Garden

Since it seems I have killed the camera with zombie blood, I am working on copying over some old pictures from negatives into the computer.  I happened to have come across this picture.

4-25-2011_024This is my grandfather.  And his garden in Jackson, Tennessee.  Between him and the shacks behind is the grape arbor.   I spent many a summer day in that arbor, eating grapes right off the vine.  To this day, there is nothing so good as grapes warmed by the sun. My grandfather had about an acre lot in town, about half of which was devoted to the garden.  As you can see, tomatoes were a particular passion and he grew plenty of them.  There were apple, plum and peach trees, along with raspberry and blackberry vines. 

To the left, you can see bird house.  This is one of the many purple martin boxes he had in the yard.  I can remember spending many and early summer day picking up baby birds which had fallen from the boxes.  He had a long pole with a little cross bar on the top.  We would perch the baby bird on the pole and put them back into the box.

My dad has a garden.  My mother’s biggest complaint is that he fails to realize he is basically feeding the two of them.  But it keeps him active.  I just wished I could grow onions like he does.  I haven’t mastered onions yet.  But maybe one day……



Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Don’t Want to Work on My Paper!

I am majorly procrastinating today.  I have a paper due (5-7 pages) in my science fiction lit class and I have no desire to work on it at all.  I have washed 2 loads of clothes, a load of dishes in the dishwasher.  I have swept and mopped in the kitchen and around the patio door.  And my ankle is swelling again (but that’s for Friday and the doctor).

So, on one of my ‘let’s see how much more time I can waste’ moments I took some more pictures in the garden.  The temperatures have been really up and down all week.  Today is cool and cloudy.  All day yesterday it was cool, cloudy and drizzly.  Supposedly next week is going to be in the 80’s and if so, the garden will really take off.

DSCN2016 Juliette tomato is blooming away.  Her Black Prince on the other side of the stairs is doing well also.  Both look really good.  Hopefully, it will be warm enough for the blooms to set.

DSCN2018 You can barely see them, but my mammoth sunflowers are coming up.  My goal/plan is to have them around this bamboo pole.  Then I am stringing my cucumbers up twine to the pole.  Hopefully, I will have a pseudo garden teepee.

DSCN2019 Ok, a little blurry (the camera still isn’t completely over being involved with zombies), but here is the first radish!  I have already gotten a couple of salads worth of lettuce, so this is exciting.

DSCN2021 And the pineapple sage is blooming.  I love taking pictures when it is cloudy out and it’s just rained.  The colors seem so much more intense.  I enjoy being able to out and touch the leaves and smell the herbs.  Really brightens up my day.

DSCN2024 But the beans are looking like beans.  The watermelon radishes are up and putting on their second set of leaves.  My pepper is awaiting it’s little pepper friends.  They will be joining him next week.

DSCN2030 Tansy is all ferny looking. and getting over being transplanted.

DSCN2029 Zinnias are filling the planter (need to transplant some next week).

DSCN2033 Yes, the garden is coming along well.  Now if my paper would be as well.  (By the way, I did get my screenplay done…all 22 pages of it.)



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Filming is Done–A Week In Review….Sort of

First of all, let me apologize for the quality of the pictures.  And to Savvy’s poor, poor camera.  The poor thing has been severely abused over the past 3 weeks.  Not by being treated roughly, but by being repeatedly covered in ‘blood’.  Sticky, red food dye blood does nothing for the lens on a camera.  Hopefully, I can get everything cleaned up a bit more.


But filming is done.  On one hand I am giving a great, big hurrah!  It is very tiring.  Not because there is a lot of physical activity, but rather for the lack of it.  There is a lot of waiting and standing around during filming.  I now have a much greater appreciation for how films are made – even with this little no-budget, school project one.  It was also very interesting to see how disjointed scenes are filmed and then woven together for the final thing.  And to watch the director and camera man plan and plot how they wanted a scene to be shot and from the different angles.  Although, if you are laying on cold, damp ground in the dead of night as a dead body, shooting the scene over and over and from different angles does start to wear on you.  But I can play dead well.  My talent, it seems, is laying around.

DSCN1989  There was ‘drama’.  We had a stabbing.  Jack, our director, is blocking out how he wants the scene to play out and the angles as (1) that was a REAL knife and (2) we had a bag of blood taped to the zombie under his shirt.

Most of the day was spent filming in the woods and hoping the bad weather which hit all around us would leave us unscathed.  Well, actually the actors were hoping we would be unscathed.  The “Director” was hoping to be able to get some tornado footage!  Luckily, the actors won out.

DSCN1997  As the day came to an end and we were waiting for night fall to start filming around (this was part of the waiting around), the moon came up over a beautiful line of clouds.

DSCN2008 There was a full moon and with the wind in the trees, we were almost wishing we had a few werewolves to throw into the mix.

Texter even got drafted as a zombie.  DSCN1993

Savvy doesn’t want to see or wear ‘blood’ for awhile.  I have a huge pile of bloody clothes to wash today.  While our end is done, there is still a ton of editing to do.  I have to go plan my ‘premier’ outfit.

Monday, April 11, 2011

What Else I Have Been Doing

Gardening.  Or rather getting a couple of little 4X4 beds filled with probably way too much stuff.  And then some containers.  I still have to get my tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper plants in the next couple of weeks from my friend, NC Tomato Man.

But the weather has not been too nice the past few weeks.  It has been mostly cool.  However, we did have some rain Friday and Saturday night and the temperatures are suppose to be 70 plus for this next week, so I have great hopes for things just springing right along now.


Here’s my beds with my assistant, Amani.  I have planted lemon balm, lavender and some mints in the ground outside the beds.  I can’t wait to be bending over, working the the bed and smell the lovely fragrances.  I put my more tender herbs, pineapple sage, honeydew melon sage and chocolate mint in containers.  The other mints, spearmint and a Kentucky mint, I hope spreads like crazy.  My beds are lined so I shouldn’t have problems with the mint getting into the beds.

My lettuce, arugala and spinach are getting to the point I can start harvesting some leaves.  And yes, I know the radishes are way, way to close together, but I’ll thin those out.


I planted an herb in each corner of the beds.  Thyme and rosemary are in these two corners.  The ‘grass’ looking stuff is carrots – Short n’ Sweet to be exact.  The radishes in this bed are French Breakfast.  I have some leeks I transplanted (and will thin when I see which ones are taking) and some onion sets.  There is also some sunflower and dill coming up in the middle of the bed.


This bed has sage, onion chives, golden lemon thyme and fennel planted.  In the center is a ‘Fajita Bell Pepper’.  It’s suppose to be a bell pepper with a touch of spice.  So we shall see.  A marigold for color and insect protection.  I have some bush beans planted on two sides – a Royalty Purple Pod and a bush French filet bean – Rolande.  Hopefully, I will get enough for a serving or two of beans.   That little sprout of leaves is a plant I ‘picked up’ and don’t know what it is.  I stuck it in there because I was tired and it was getting ready to rain.  Will have to transplant elsewhere in a few days.


This is my ‘Juliette’ grape tomato.  I have grown it in the past and it is prolific and reliable.  Of course, what’s tomatoes without some basil?


And this is my ‘Black Prince’ – a Russian heirloom.  Already, despite the cold, has a few flowers on it.  Must be able to stand the cooler temps being Russian.


My gerber daisies with some ‘Candy Cane’ zinnias seeded between them.
That’s basically it for right now.  I have several containers awaiting my tomato plants and peppers.  Also getting some cucumbers this year too.  Have an area I want to get some trash plants out of and stick some of my sunflowers and veggies.  Luckily, my yard has no grass – just rocky and sandy.  So I can dig and plant to my heart’s content. 

Now come on sunshine and warmth!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Have I Been Doing With My Time?

Other than avoiding housework and homework I don’t really want to do?  This is what I have been doing….


Nope, not recuperating from a car wreck, but rather being a zombie.  In my advanced film class we have to have a ‘project’ for the semester.  I was fortunate enough to get in with a great group who were combining their expertise and making a zombie movie.  Actually, I am transportation and Savvy’s assistant and food caterer.  And zombie. 

Actually, the movie (about a 20-30 minute one), I think, is going to be pretty darn good.  The director and camera man are really interested in film making and have a lot of knowledge and equipment between them.  If nothing else, it should be a great laugh.   But I’m an actress!  Coated in corn syrup and red food dye and stumbling around.  The stumbling around isn’t an issue – I do that naturally.  But the ‘blood’ is cold on these early spring mornings. And sticky.

So this is what happens when you go back to school.  Now about that paper I’m suppose to be writing……..

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Postcard Swap

I am a member of Postcrossing.  There is something about getting postcards from all over the world.  A piece of art through the mail.  So when Hanna announced another postcard swap I jumped on the bandwagon.

postcard swap

I am in love with the ‘peeled paint’ technique, so I painted a big sheet of watercolor paper with purple acrylic paint and let it dry.  I then coated my hands with petroleum jelly and laid them on the dried purple sheets.  Over that I painted a layer of yellow acrylic.  Once the yellow dried, I wiped down the sheets and ‘peeled’ away the yellow paint where the petroleum jelly was.  I then pulled out my gel string medium and mixed up a blue and green and dribbled those over the pages.

Once everything was dry, I cut the sheets into 4 X 5.5 inches (or postcard) size and mailed away.  This is the 1 extra I had for myself.  Actually, it was one I had extra and I messed up the address on the back.

It was a fun swap and can’t wait until I get all 10 of mine back.  I have received one already – from Texas.   Actually, not far from where I grew up.  But I will show them all once I get the rest in the mail over the next few days.