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Seedy Saturday - Indoor Reset and Outdoor Growing

I recently 'picked up' a  Chlorophytum comosum “Variegatum” or in other terms, a Reverse Variegated Spider Plant. The leaves are green in the center and white on the edges. This is opposite of the normal spider plant. And the above is the flower on one of the branches. It's inside and, so far, is doing well. It's cousin, the regular spider plant, is hanging in there. No so happy. Anyway... I did take about an hour out of my schedule and FINALLY clean up and rearrange my indoor plant shelves. Not only did it need to be done, but I wanted the  humidifier to sit in the middle of the top shelf in order to get the mist closer to the plants. One thing I can say about my indoor plants is that I suck with succulents! Outside, on the patio, my Winter Sowing is going well and expanding.  The first pot of bulbs is going great guns. I am sure within another few weeks I will be able to figure out what is planted in this container. I didn't label my 3 containers with the bulbs I

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