Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret…..

Yes, I am a WOWhead.  I like love World of Warcraft.  It is my release.  I can come home and kill things and get gold and achievements and fly…and I Love WOW!

So, even though I am a devoted sweet tea drinker (I’m Southern for Pete's sake!) when Mt. Dew came out with these……


I caved. 

Normally, if the girls have soda in the house, it’s basically generic.   So Texter really bounced up and down and even carried it home from the store for me.

For those of you not in the “know”, the Orc on the left, the red can, is Horde on WOW.  And the drink is Dew with a citrus cherry taste.

The one on the right, in blue, is a Night Elf (me!) for the Alliance side.  It’s a wild berry taste.

OD looked at them longingly.  She plays WOW.  She would like a drink.  They both have Red Dye 40 in them!  (She did cave and take a little sip.)

Personally, I took a sip of each and went back to my tea.  I dropped a sprig of lemon balm in it.  Plenty of sugar please.  But I did hold onto 2 empty cans.  Figure I can cut the figures out and do something with them.


Monday, June 29, 2009

I Want to be a Starbucks Coffee

Yeah, I’m one of those ‘Starbucks’ people.  I have to get my mocha frap with whipped cream or my caramel macchiato (if it’s cold out).  They are my ‘treat’ to myself.  Usually Texter and I can share a frap, so 2 treats for the price of one.   And they are in my local grocery store I walk to.  Double trouble.  I can usually resist because I have my “list” and exact change to pay for it, but sometimes you just need a pick-me-up.



Was in there the other day and was waiting for my frap for the walk back home (in the 90 degree heat and humidity) and looked at a display of their coffee beans.  Then and there I decided I wanted to be Starbucks coffee!

Which do I want to be?

Familiar and Friendly (Latin American coffees)  Sounds….nice.  The girl next door.  Comfort.  How can you go wrong with this?

Extraordinary and Enticing (Africa/Arabia coffees) What woman would NOT want to be considered extraordinary?  Or enticing?  This is the stuff of movie stars, the secret part of a lot of us. (Ask me about my theory on Playboy bunnies some time.)

This one appeals to me, as, at least the first part, I have never considered myself….Adventurous and Assertive (Asia/Pacific coffees).  Two piece business suits, stiletto heels, and white water rafting on the side. Some people I know would not have a problem with saying I’m assertive, but the adventurous….probably not.

My favorite, and I don’t consider myself either to much of a degree, is Interesting and Complex (multi-region coffees).  This is the weird cat lady and all-the-men-love-her rolled into one.  She’s not the most beautiful, but she’s the one everyone wants to know…or say they know.  Can’t put her into a pigeon hole.

Sturdy and Powerful (dark roast blends) is for all the matriarchs out there.  I’m not matriarchal material.  Too much responsibility and I do good just to try and take care of myself. This is Gaia.  The Mother Goddess.

How can you not want to be known by any of these?  Today I will be…..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Technology Driven

For want of a cord….

I have cords for everything - cell phone rechargers, MP3 players, cameras. Each and every one takes a completely different style cord. Nothing is interchangeable. You can’t cross utilize. So when you lose one, you’re…well…screwed.

OD’s camera is a prime example. My computer – the main computer – does not have a slot to accept the memory card used in her camera. We have ‘misplaced’ the USB cord to connect the camera to the computer to download. Since my camera does not do video (and is older and heavier – wait – that’s me!) and I have done several events on her camera, I have had to order a new cord.

This is operating under the principle once the new one arrives I’ll find the old one which I have been looking for for months. Then I can download all the pictures and videos I’ve taken on her camera over the past month.

I could actually download it all onto the laptop. My problem is transferring the videos. The pictures I can move over, but the videos – nope. But you know what creatures of habit we are. It has to be on MY COMPUTER!

So I ordered and waited for Nikon to send me a new cord. To go with all the other cords . To go into the drawer of cords. And it arrived. I downloaded and now there are videos out there to watch of her scene from “Ugly” and parts of the graduation ceremony. All is right in the world. We have achieved cordage.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tomato Jungle

This is what my 2 cherry tomatoes look like now on my balcony. They are over 6 feet tall and going strong.


Now if they will start ripening the tomatoes!


My roll as mother includes killing bugs.  This is the latest bug to have made it to the landing.  I think they are coming here to die.  But at 5am this is not what I want to get called out to take care of.


This one was about 3 inches long.  There have been a couple of smaller ones about.  And they just sat there. I ‘flicked’ them out into space.  Noel wants to eat them.  Got to love bugs at 5am.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Old versus New Authors

I love old authors.  I don’t mean ‘old’ as in decades lived, but old as in number of books written.  There is nothing better than discovering an author, really liking their style, and being able to go back and read several other books by them (and if it is a series, I can read books out of order).  Then they can be added to my ‘watch for’ list once I’ve exhausted all their previous literary offerings.

New authors, while nice to discover, are those with only one book out.  So you read their book, are dying for more, and there is nothing.  You have to wait until they publish their next book.  You're left hanging.  You can’t go back and read (or re-read_ their older publications while you anticipate their next book.

Jane Green is one of the new ‘old’ authors I’ve found.  Beach House was wonderfully written.  Several seemingly separate characters, all wrapping around and entwining to a wonderful conclusion.  I want to be Nan.

beach house

She has a ton of books, so now it is off to the library to get the rest of them.  They will be wonderful summer reads.  (Update:  I have requested the books from the library and I have a whole stack of Jane Green sitting by my bed and have polished off 2 in 3 days.)

Another author I have recently discovered is Janet Chapman.  Don’t know how she escaped my reading lineup with her “highlander” books. 



Still have a couple of books to track down and then I’ll have to wait for a new one.

So many books, so little time.

Monday, June 22, 2009

When Zombies Rule the World

OD has advised me when zombies take over the world she is going to shoot me in the head.  Why?


(1)  She has to shoot me in the head to be    sure I don’t turn into a zombie,


(2) because I suck at Bikini Zombie Slayers.

bikini zombie

This is what happens when you are bored and go find a game you can play with you ‘children’ on the Wii.  Bonding time I think it’s called.  (I try not to bond, makes them harder to get them out of the nest I’ve heard.)

The title should have clued us into the content of the game.  About 10 minutes of OD banging her head on the couch pillow because I can’t operate the remote and slash the zombies with my sword – and watch copious amounts of blood being spewed everywhere – we quit the game.  I can’t handle the remotes and keep from laughing as OD yells at me.  I’m a zombie killing loser.  Also, I am not a teenage boy who is busy watching bikini clad teenage girls while killing things.

But give me a keyboard and World of Warcraft – and I rock!  Plus I look better as a night elf druid than a bikini clad zombie killer.  Pointed ears and armor beats a bikini, stiletto heels and a pink boa any day.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Do You Do When You Have 4 Teeth Extracted?

First off, mom here makes sure the pain killer prescriptions are filled before the teeth are removed.  Mom here also wishes they would give the care-giver some drugs also.  Mom here also remembers when she had her wisdom teeth extracted and her mom had to stop with her by the bathroom before leaving the oral surgeon’s office.  Mom here only had to make sure OD made it up 2 flights of stairs.

But 36 hours later, OD is still not too wild about talking.  Or eating.  Instead we piled up on my bed and watched…..



Ok, you have to be just a, well, geek to really like it.  Thought it might be a little stupid, but a good movie.  Premise….Star Wars nuts go to break into Skywalker Ranch to see Star Wars I.  If you know anything about Star Wars, it was actually the 4th movie released, about a million years after the first 3.  On the way they run into Star Trek fans.

If you watched either one of the series, the references to the originals are great.  It wasn’t a spoof of Star Wars/Star Trek, but a homage, a pilgrimage.  A good movie for a hot summer night when you really don’t want to go do anything.

Only problem with the movie, laughing makes OD’s face hurt.  So does watching mom here eat the chocolate covered raisins….which is what you do at the movies isn’t it?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I received flowers last week from a really nice customer.


And it rode home in my bicycle basket!  Thanks to some of my co-workers who offered to take it home for me since I was on my bike.  But no, The Blue Bomber can handle it.  Thank goodness for those errand running size baskets.

I have my own flowers growing.



And my tomatoes are taking over the corner.


It won’t be much longer before I will start getting some cherry tomatoes.  I am disappointed in my dwarf tomatoes.  Only 1 of the 2 plants has blooms and they have not set fruit yet.  Maybe they will come along.  

Friday, June 19, 2009

We Have An Oscar!

Well, at least a mini-Oscar.


One of OD’s achievements in theater.  For her excellence in acting and technical theater.

No, she is not giving up theater entirely.  She is still active in Ren Faire and plans on helping out in the high school productions in wardrobe when they need help.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We Have Achieved Graduation!

Yep, we have a new high school graduate in the household (as opposed to this old high school graduate).


Doesn’t my baby look all grown up (doesn’t that corner of my balcony look all green and nice!)?

Here she is, last Sunday, all ready to go kicking and screaming across the stage.  She doesn’t really want to “grow up”.


The convention center was used for all the high school graduations in the area.  We were scheduled for a certain time and boy, did they have the routine down!


They could not toss their caps.  In fact, they had to show their caps with their names in them in order to get the “real” diploma.  I do have to say, some XX years later, I can still lay my hands on my diploma…..dust and all.  

Please note the blue and yellow cords around her neck…..Honors in Theater!  She worked long and hard for those.



I have been chastised....

for not updating my blog more. But....whine, whine....all the pictures are on the camera whose cord to download has been misplaced and I'm waiting for another one to come in....and, and.....my air conditioner hasn't been working right....and, and....

ok....I've been lazy!

But the cord arrived and as soon as I can leave OD (know also as Savvy) in her room (long story) then I will update.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bicycling Update

Well, I have walked/rode 100 miles so far this ‘month’ (which ends on the 17th) and still have a few days left.  Don’t think I will make ride 150 miles this month though.

But riding the bike is fun.  Last week I got a “Bueno, Bueno” and thumbs up from the leave blower guy at the auto dealership  I ride past.  Don’t know if it was for (1) I was riding a bike rather than driving, (2) made it up the hill without having a heart attack or (3) red-faced 50 year old women turn him on.  Whatever his reason it did make my day.

Then yesterday on my way to work, the big truck driver who was loading up cars in the middle of the street hollered at me to watch out.  Seems he had been almost run over 3-4 times already that morning and he’s beside this huge semi.  So nice he was worried about the bike rider.

Other than that, it’s going to be a lazy day.  Hopefully, will make it out to Farmer’s Market with a co-worker.  Maybe peaches are starting to come in.  Cross my fingers.

Need to get some updated tomato pics as they are about twice their height.  Right now, if the red and yellow cherry tomatoes produce all the tomatoes they have blossoms for, they have paid for themselves.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I have babies!

Tomatoes that is.


This is my Sweet Million cherry tomato plant (4 feet tall now…must get taller stick).

My Red Robin in the small pot has babies too.


In fact, it has a lot of little ones on it.  My Sungold has tiny, tiny babies.  My two dwarf tomato plants are just now really blooming, so it shouldn’t be much longer before they too have babies.


My morning glory vines are putting out flowers.  I just need to train them better up the railing.  I did put out a couple of strings for them to twine up, but need more.  Think I am going to run a couple of lengths of string for the tomatoes and train them up the string rather than finding a stake.

The balcony is becoming a nice, green oasis for me.  Herbs are growing nicely and are fragrant when touched.  It is really nice to walk out and snip a little of this and that when needed.

Now where is my ice tea and book?