Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm in Lust

Several people have mentioned this book,1000 Artist Journal Pages and True Vision. In just glancing at the description, I thought the True Vision would be my first choice and it is for prompts, techniques, more technical art journaling. But the other, 1000 Artist Journal Pages I am in lust with!

Stopped by Barnes and Noble for a quick, few minutes of peace and quiet and coolness and picked them both up to look at. I could spend hours looking through this book and plan on getting it as soon as I move. I want to be in "my" space and my journal and my stuff and go through it savoring each page. And the laptop nearby so I can visit web pages to see more by some of the artists.

They are both on my GET IT RIGHT NOW list, but one is strictly for lust!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Post #2

What is it about bamboo that always makes it look so calm and serene? Actually, after walking around on Thursday and taking some pictures at noon (which is why it looks a little washed out) and even the dog saying "this is just wwwaaayyyy to hot to be out here" the stand of bamboo managed to look cool and inviting.
Anyway, while I have both computers side by side, and everyone else still in bed, I am doing some of that "computer maintenance" stuff. Actually, I am saving some stuff to disc so if it does get removed from the desk top computer in the next few weeks, nothing will be lost. With the move OD will be in control of the "main" computer, the desk top and I will have the laptop. Right now the desk top, which is now in the computer room, is shared by the 2 of us a lot of the time. With the move, the desk top will be going into her room and I will have to use the laptop for just about everything, which was the original idea 18 months ago. She did have an old computer in her room which she mainly listened to music and read fanfic off of, but with the move there will be no room for 3 computers (or need), so the old computer will go to her dad's house since it will actually be an upgrade of what he has now and will give them 2 computers to use there. What did we do before computers?
Started reading Chosen Forever this morning. I had read Chosen by a Horse a few months ago an loved it...cried too. In the intro is a quote I just love....
She is talking about writing this book and having to go on a book tour, which she dreads...
"The tour was a reminder that when you are doing what you're suppose to be doing in this life, amazing things can happen."

Summer Smells and Shawls

One of the most wonderful things about hot summer days are hot summer smells and here in the South what would we do without gardenias. Lovely, creamy, silky gardenias.

Ok, I am a thief. The house behind me has been for sale and standing empty for months now. Actually the for sale sign has been gone for months and it's just sitting there...with a half dozen huge gardenia bushes all over the yard. And do you know what? When I cut through there walking the dog, these flowers just jumped up and followed me home!

I have them on a counter right beside my couch in the living room, so as the ceiling fan lazily stirs the air in the room you get a whiff of gardenia. It's good enough to eat.

And even though I am suppose to be packing and organizing, I have managed to finish this Charlotte's Web shawl. The colors are much, much more intense in real life. OD keeps eyeing it. In fact, she wore it on one of the last days of school when she was dressing up as a hippie.

Wish it was just a little bigger, but then I am just a little bigger than most, so that might be my problem. My clapotis is my workhorse favorite. Once we get moved, I want to get some more yarn and make another clapotis. I already have another Charlotte's Web started in more muted tones.
Off to clean up Texter's room!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sending Out Ships

I have been reading A Wealthy Spirit by Chellie Campbell to help me with my financial planning or rather, the lack thereof. There were some very practical things you have to do, like planning budgets (yes, budgets...high, middle and low), how to plan for things you want to do, saving, etc.

But there is also a whole idea of "sending out ships". You can't have your ship come in if you don't send them out. Also there is a sharing of your abundance and a whole lot of daily, positive affirmations.

The positive affirmation thing really helps with all aspects of life. By trying to be positive and say positive affirmations about my financial situation, it spills over into all areas of life. It also can tick your co-workers off! of my co-workers has been making these "Sistahs" for 2-3 years now and I have always admired them. In fact, I gave her some fancy fabrics and earrings for her sistahs when I was destashing at one time. But I never took my "liking" pass that.

Oh, real quick, the story behind the "Sistahs"....she had a dream one night about them and started making them based on the dream.

Anyway, last week we were doing a week-long Juneteenth celebration at work and she brought out about 6 of her "Sistahs" she wanted to get rid of. She had them sitting around and wanted them out of the way so she could move on to a couple of other ideas she had. I put in a plug for a "wild, old gypsy woman" which she is going to make for me. She decided rather than trying to sell them, she would have a raffle since everyone is going through a tight crunch now.

What does "sending out ships" have to do with the "Sistahs"? In order to have your ship come in you have to have ships go out. I bought 3 chances for $5 which did fit my budget (gave up one of my coffees I had budgeted in). I KNEW I was going to win one. I lined them up in the order I was going to win them in. My co-workers were having a laugh at me, but I was positive. I had sent out my ship (buying the raffle ticket) and saying positive affirmations.

Meet Amethyst Charbonneau, or Lady Ame to her friends. (Ignore the reflection in her head and her leaning earrings) Yes, my first choice (purple) came home with me. I got to name her and she now has a whole life story much to the maker's delight. She is married to Winfield Charbonneau, who is her father's partner, older, but very indulgant.

My resolve to only have artwork in my new home which means something to me has started. I have something made by someone who I have worked with for years and have admired both her work at work and her artwork. This isn't just a piece of work anyone can pick up anywhere. It's personal and it's now mine.

So I sent out a ship and said positive things about it's trip and it came back with the payoff in 2 different ways.

Friday, June 27, 2008

OD and the Real World

OD worked at a semi-fast food place for about 6 months and then quit because of school work and theater. Since summer is now here, she wanted to work again and asked at her old spot. The original manager had moved on, but the regional manager, who knew her slightly, said put in your application again.

So on a Tuesday we went and put in her application and stayed to eat. The assistant manager went ahead and gave us our discount (YEAH!) and we sat down to eat. OD looked around and said "They are really short on help tonight." And after a few minutes, she got up and bussed the tables for them. Then was ask to go out to the back storage area with a new guy and find the cups. When there were no more cups, she was asked to call the person who they had sent to another store to pick up some salsa to also bring back cups.

The assistant manager was "thank you, thank you, thank you" for her help that evening.

Get home from work the next night and she is on the phone with them. They need her this weekend, badly, "can you work a double shift on Saturday" we need you. So no interview with the regional manager needed. Seems about half of the crew was either graduating or family of graduating students and needed off on Saturday.

I pick her up and she is exhausted. Not only did she work a double shift, but she had to train people too. She was "but I haven't been here in 3 months" and they there "but you know what to do".

Life lesson learned: There is a big difference between saying "What would you like on that? (OD) and "What do you want?" (new hire)

Life lesson 2 learned: Just because your an honor student, cute, perky and popular at school doesn't mean you have the brains to fold a burrito.

So taking her into work the next time I asked "Are you playing Mother Hen again?"

"Hope not, hope it's an old crew."

"And if it's not?"

"I'll eat my young."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dogs, Daughter and Drugs

Yes, my dog and my daughter are both drug users, and it's all my fault.

First off, we took Noel in to have her distemper shot and asked about her "itching" (probably allergies, maybe fleas) and her separation anixety. Benedryl the vet tech and the vet said. But would probably make her a little sleepy. No problem, especially if you need her a little calmer. I love benedryl. Since I have slight allergy problems all year and have reached the time of life where sleep is often difficult, I take Benedryl every night. Have it on hand. Give dog meds---no problem.

Problem....if I weight XXX and the dog weight 42 pounds and the dog can take 2 pills up to 3 times a day...that's the same amount I take...TWO...and it lets me sleep all night. I wouldn't have a dog, I would have a rug. So she gets 1 pill, with peanut butter and a fish oil table every few days. It does make her a little "calmer", ie, sleepier. Plan is, when we move, to give her 2 that day so maybe she will sleep through most of it.

Now comes the daughter. Since I am on vacation this week I decide to get all the doctor visits we needed done. Eye doctor, dermatologist to check moles and for Texter, she had a couple of things she wanted to see our family doctor about, so off we go.

She might have an ashma problem, so we are trying a daily inhaler to see if it eases up any. But she was needing her menigitis shot and she could have her HPV shot (cervical cancer for women shot)and she elected to get them both. It wasn't until they were "sticking it to her" so to speak they mentioned she would probably be a little sore. In fact, they said, rumor has it the HPV shot really makes your arm hurt for 2-3 days. Now you tell us! And put the HPV in her right arm, the one she uses the most!

Yep...Miss Cut My Arm Off and I'm Fine was sore, very much so. We complete our errands and get home and I am going to give her some aspirin to maybe help with the soreness. I hand her 3 pills because she is really sore. She takes them.

"HHHMmmmm, honey," I say


"Were those pink or blue pills?" I asked, smiling very motherly.

"Pink" Texter says with narrowing eyes, suspecting an unfavorable outcome for her.

"Oh, that was benedryl not aspirin."

"Gee, thanks Mom" as only a teenager can intone.

Well, at least her arm didn't bother her while she slept and I got my laptop back for awhile!

Moral of the story...Mother's shouldn't give daughters or dogs medicine!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Reading and Being Anal

I am not anal when it comes to reading books. I admit I probably/maybe have a couple of traits which lend themselves to being called anal (or just being an asshole, I don't know which), but reading is not one of them.

The reading trait I am referring to is the need to read books in a series in the order in which they are written.

Now I know there are a lot of series out there, Harry Potter for example, which would be a little difficult to read if you read them out of order. A little harder than most series I admit. But a lot of writer's will allude to things in previous books, but you can figure out what is going on anyway and continue with book 6 before you read book 4.

I just decided after watching the TV show "Bones" for the past couple of years or so I just might like to read the books behind the show. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Also, it will be a couple more months before the next Laurell K Hamilton book is out and I have packed up all the others, so I can't go back and reread any of them. Ditto Jim Butcher.

Anyway, I go tripping down to my local library and check out all the Kathy Reichs books (with the exception of Cross Bones) and drag them all home and sit them on my bedside table. Since I have all but 1, I decided to read them in order and looked up online what goes where and proceeded to read.

Oh my God. I was so disappointed in Deja Death, the first book. I tried and tried to wade my way through it, becoming increasingly downhearted about the book. It was ok, but slow and very hard to get into. I did finish it and debated starting the second one, having the hardest time at this point to see where anything was inspired by that book. But I had the whole stack there, so I started, with some doubts, on the second.

A BIG difference! I have now gone through about 6 books in a week. The rest of the series is interesting, fast-paced and a joy to read. What is really funny is I work with a woman who reads mysteries about 99% of the time. At lunch one day she was complaining she had gone to the library the night before to get something new to read and couldn't find 1 book by this certain author....Kathy Reichs! I started giggling and told her I knew exactly where those books were....on my bedside table. I am reading them and passing them on to her, however, I am reading them too fast for her to keep up. And yes, she too felt the same way about book 1 and was glad I said something to her about it as she felt it was just her.

So, unlike my BF and OD, who HAVE to read a series from book 1 forward, I can jump around in a series and have, like when I "discovered" Jim Butcher and his Dresden File books (also inspiring a I watch too much TV?) I do have some "quirks" however. For example, if it is a book I want to keep and reread, I will not loan it to BF. She is murder on books, especially on paperbacks, folding them back and every which way. I don't mind "cracking" the spine to open up a book, but when the pages are all pooshed back.....

Or books that I am reading and I find insightful, thoughtful, or helpful to the point of highlighting portions of them, I don't like to loan those out. It seems too personal. Or books by authors I like to keep, Laurell K Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Katie MacAlister for example, ones that will get read over and over. I am loaned them out in the past and they never get returned, so those don't go out. I'll recommend someone buy them and read them, but don't get loaned. Have to watch OD though with the Katie MacAlister's, she lugs them off and it's months before they emerge from her room.

I am hard on magazines though. If you think you will read "O" after me, forget it. I rip out articles, clip out pictures and phrases as I go through. It becomes "holely". So no, I am not anal about reading material.

Oh, and if I buy a book and you want to read it first! Forget it! But I am not anal about books!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Farmer's Market Saturday

I did have a really nice picture -- I thought -- of the box of veggies and fruits I put together and took to my BF house. However, great mind here did something funky and no pictures.

Actually, I had to take OD to work and I dropped her off and went to Farmer's Market. I love Farmer's Market even though I don't "do" a lot of veggies. I am basically a bean/pea/corn/tomato type of girl. No squash or zucchini here!

But yesterday I arrived later than I normally do and it was packed! But there was corn! After watching all those terrible reports and showing crops underwater in the mid west, I was glad to see real, live corn. Yesterday's purchases: white corn, watermelon, peaches, basil, elephant garlic (which didn't make it into the bag), new potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, Italian bread and bell peppers. And cantaloupe. I put some of each into a small box for my BF and her husband (who is still pretty much housebound with broken ankle---no walking cast yet) and took it over to them.

Funny thing though with the peaches....once again I sliced some up only to come back and find a much smaller amount than I thought I had. HHHUUUUMMMMM.....maybe I should check every one's breath for peach?

But last night I had tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and bread for dinner. Today, since I am only working 4 hours for someone, I think I will fix the rest of the veggies. Might pick up a pre-cooked chicken or ribs to go along with them.
The picture of "veggie man" is by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Really neat for a 1500's kind of guy.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More Writing Getting Done

I am writing a little bit more the past few days. Problem with writing is it's hard to include visual elements to make it a little more interesting, but I'm working on that.

This is one little story I wrote recently........NOEL

I resent his hot body in bed next to me, his body stretching out to move me closer and closer to the edge of the bed. I never really wanted him there to being with. My daughter had brought him home one day and shortly thereafter he transferred his affections to from her to me. He constantly follows me from room to room, watching me whenever I happen to stop or sit down. Everywhere I go he wants to go, to the point I had to close the bathroom door in his face to keep him out. I know he is hovering on the other side of the door the entire time, regardless of how long I stay in there.

He won't even sit in antoher chair in the evenings, preferring to lean against me, looking over to breathe hotly against my neck. In bed it is even worse. What is a double bed has become a small, coffin-shaped area for me to lay, staring at the ceiling, while he snores away. If I move to push him over, he only moves to lay more heavily against me. He seems to relish the closeness. I loathe it. If I think to escape by leaving, he springs up, leaping out of bed,turning to see if I wam really leaving the bed or not, prepared to either floow me where I am going or to climb back into bed and sleep and snore some more.

Meals are not a reprieve either. My daughter and I each get our own meals. I am obligated to make his and place it in front of him, brown eyes watching my face and bowl as I lower it in front of him, eating with relish whatever I happen to put in front of him.

That is part of my problem with him, my indifference and his constant, unwaivering, uncomplaining, silent devotion.....and the fleas....damn dog!

Actually, this came to mind as I was laying in bed, still 90 degrees at 9pm and the dog in bed with me rather than my daughter.....his adored"mommy". I am the second string, despite the walks and feeding. But hot dog hair is not something you really want in bed with you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Powder and Genetics

Monday I poofed as I walked. Think Pigpen from the old Charlie Brown cartoons. With every step a small cloud of white powder was emitted. I had sprinkled baby powder in my walking shoes and being a new can, sprinkled a lot rather than a little. And I had also forgotten the tops of my shoes were mesh, therefore the "poof" factor. It's hard to be taken seriously when you stomp your foot and white clouds appear.

However, I am not to be blamed for this overabundant use of baby powder - it's genetic. i get it from my father. You know, one of those things you swear in your youth you promise the world "I will never, ever do that like my dad/mother do" only to find yourself doing it a few years later. My first encounter with this was not labeling Christmas presents like my mom....another story for another time.

My father exits the bathroom after a shower, leaving enough powder behind on the floor for 2 more people to go in and roll around in. My mother swears he has gotten better about containing it, but somehow I doubt it. Or maybe I am now carrying on the torch or rather baby powder container for the family. OD and Texter swear they will "never" use baby powder like that. Let's see. After all, it's genetic.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OD and the Giant Peach or Let Them Eat Ice Cream

Peaches have started coming in at the Farmer's Market. Those plump, juicy, fragrant spheres of yellow delight and will continue for the next couple of months. When I move I will make 2-3 batches of peach preserves and dole them out as gifts and hoard some for myself to eat on hot buttered biscuits and buttered toast. There will probably be at least 1 batch of homemade peach ice cream made.

Saturday, I was starting work a little later than normal (I was working for someone who was leaving on a trip) so I ran to the market and picked up peaches among other things. When I got home at lunch time, while making my sandwich (with the big slices of fresh tomatoes on it) I took 6-8 of the riper peaches and peeled and sliced them and sprinkled them with a little sugar to release the juices and left them on the counter to do their thing and for later consumption.

About five that evening I wandered back into the kitchen to make my dinner....fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil drizzled with olive oil....and looked at my bowl of peaches. Now I had expected them to "settle" some, but I hadn't expected them to SETTLE about halfway down. As I am staring at the bowl of peaches, OD walks by (fixing her "fat in a box" she calls it, Mac and Cheese) and goes "good peaches" and "your dinner looks too healthy". SHE ATE MY PEACHES!

I had bought her plums and 2 pints of blueberries and she eats MY peaches! After dinner, we "shared" the remainder of the peaches.

Sunday, I repeated the procedure. That evening, after dinner, I am sitting on the couch and she walks by, heading into the kitchen. I hear the freezer door open and then I hear her go "ice cream or peaches, ice cream or peaches".

Being the caring mother that I am, concerned with the health and well-being of my children above all else, I yelled out----"EAT ICE CREAM!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Advertisting in Magazines

People (women in general) have bemoaned the amount of advertising in most magazines. There sometimes seems to be a hunt for the actual content between the multi-colored, glossy missives for items which will improve my life.

However, to make lemonade out of lemons, for someone who journals, does altered books and other "creative" stuff, a magazine is a fount of ideas. I always have my journal open when reading through each month's "O" magazine (the only one I subscribe to). Not only does Martha Beck's column usually get pulled out and stashed in my journal, but dozens of words and images get cut out, torn out, ripped out and pasted as a prompt or idea or illustration/decoration or description for my journal pages. Some of them get filed away in a box for later use on a project or when I first get a new journal and want to break it in and decorate the pages. Sometimes the ads are better than the articles as far as my creativity goes.

So now a glue stick and scissors are important magazine reading tools for me---bring on the ads.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Harry the Dirty Dog and Cigar Stories

This is Harry. Harry was the wire haired terrier we got after we moved to Texas in the late 60's. You know there is always that 1 pet which stands out above all others, this was Harry. He was named after
Harry the Dirty Dog of storybook fame. Harry would chase after a ball until YOU couldn't go on. At one point we had a fairly heavy tennis ball sized ball which we could roll down the sidewalk and have it go to almost the end of the block. We lived at one end and in the evenings we would go out and play ball. One person would hold Harry, the other would throw the ball and let is get about halfway down the block before we let him go. And he would run like a demon after than ball and bring it back for another run. It could be 100 degrees outside and he would run until you had to make him stop.

Anyway, how does Harry and cigars figure and why did this even come up? I listen, as I have mentioned a couple of times, to the Southeastern Backpackers podcast. The two guys who do the podcast have been friends for several years and have hiked together for years and get together every week to sit on the patio and smoke cigars. The podcast evolved from this ritual. One of the best things about this podcast is even if you don't hike you would enjoy the podcast. They are very entertaining, to the point I have been laughing as I walked along to/from work listening to it. But mainly because they seem like really nice people, someone you would like to know in "real" life. They speak very fondly of their family and you can tell family is important to them and they have a bent sense of humor, but it is clean humor, which I really enjoy.

So, since I can't go smoke a cigar with them, this is my "cigar smoking" experience I can throw out to the world.

We had moved from Tennessee to Texas just right before I turned 9 and made 2-4 trips a year to/from Tennessee to visit family. In a 1967 yellow Chevy station wagon. My parents learned early on with 3 kids the best way to travel was to fold down the back and make a bed for my little sister and brother to sleep on. I got the whole back seat which I had to share with Harry. After 1 or 2 trips, we started making the trips at night so we kids could sleep and my dad could trip in peace.

For several years we thought Harry was prone to car sickness. He would ride along, hacking, gagging, coughing. Since we never fed him right before the trip, he never actually threw up, but we had tranquilized him once or twice to help him through the trip. Poor Harry.

One of the things my dad enjoyed and helped him stay awake....remember this was before IPods and stereos and you relied on going from radio station coverage to radio station coverage with a lot of static in between.....was smoking a cigar. Dad never smoked expensive cigars or imported ones, just plain old cigars. I learned to enjoy the smell of a good cigar early on, like pipe smoke. However, Harry did not share this affection for cigar smoke, especially when we finally realized we looked like a rolling fog bank going down the road since the windows in the car were rolled up. Remember this was before 2nd hand smoke and seat belts. So Harry was choking on cigar smoke 650 miles in each direction.

With my dad smoking cigars it was always a treat if you got to "moisten" his cigar. I don't even know if people still do this, but dad always would lightly (please note the word lightly) moisten his cigar by licking it. Sometimes, if you were really, really lucky he would let one of us "lick" the cigar. How he ever got them lit after we licked them I don't know. Dogs don't drool that much. Thanks Dad for smoking soggy cigars.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

No Walking Here!

I have discovered I am a "fair weather" walker/hiker. Or rather, once the heat hits almost 80 at 5am and will be 100 at 5pm when I walk home, I don't walk. We have had a stretch of heat here that is unbelievable.

I can walk when it is below freezing. Put my hat with my droopy bunny ears and gloves and coat on and off I can go. but when it is 99 with a heat index of 110 or more, the thought of walking home, down sidewalks, no shade....NO WAY!

Rylan and Golden of Southeastern Backpackers podcast did have a couple of hints for hot weather hiking....other than don' umbrella for shade (an idea) or walking in a bathing suit (not a speedo as Golden would like us to believe Rylan wears) or taking off your shirt. The last 2 ideas are just not really doable. First off, my swimsuit, being a knit, would be hotter than my shorts and t-shirt. Second, it would not be a pretty picture. And taking my shirt off. Well, all I can say is "where would my straps on my backpack go?"

Unlike my mother who is the quintessential Southern Lady, I do not "glow" or have a "sheen" when I get hot and sweaty. I turn a really attractive shade of red in the face and sweat. I kind of look like my head is getting ready to explode.

So, at least until the temperatures moderate a little more, it's just Noel and I for morning and evening walks. You know it's hot when the dog doesn't want to go out.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Art - Another New Apartment Resolution

I am going to display more prominently my artwork and my daughters' and also, instead of just using a print from whomever, some generic piece of stuff. This is a picture I took of a tulip in my yard. I think it would be striking as just a picture on my wall, along with other flower pictures I have taken, as a whole wall collage.

I am going to support my fellow artists. For
example, I read the blogs of several very talented ladies (and a couple of men) and I really want to get some of their artwork to hang on my walls. There is Patricia Mosca who does the most wonderful mandalas on a daily basis, as well as other pieces of artwork. How she comes up with both an affirmation and such a bright, lively, colorful piece of work every day is mind-boggling. Just having one of her mandalas hanging where I could see it every day would bring a smile to my life. They are small pieces (I finally realized), but to put it beside the front door so I would see it as I left the house would be great.
And another artist, Maralena Howard, whose work I enjoy. I never thought of myself as liking abstracts, I'm more of an Impressionist type of girl, but I really like her work. I have seen a couple of "swirly" ones she has done and covet them. Her colors attract me. She has done some green and blue ones with what seems to be a hint of gold in them.

OD really likes anime and has drawn several characters, while Texter has actually drawn my next tattoo. Which as soon as I can find the journal I put it in (it's packed right now), I will post the drawing. I haven't gotten the tattoo yet. So I want to feature their work also. Texter is usually where all my pencils and pens I buy for my artwork winds a magpie, she picks them up.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Not the greatest job ever done of altering the front of a book, but at least it hides that it is a calendar.

Yes, I know, a calendar in June? But as most mom's know, kids run on an academic schedule and not a January-December schedule, so I generally buy my calendar in June and it will run July-June of next year. Actually this one will run through December 2009.

And I have to have one that has a month at a glance page, as well as areas for daily stuff. My job allows for shift trading and boy do we shift trade. It's really great because if you need a day off or want to pick up hours, there is always someone who will work with you. And then OD and Texter have their activities I need to keep track of, so I need the month-at-a-glance page to keep track of that.

Then I need the daily areas so I can write more detailed notes, addresses, phone contacts, etc down in. It's the Virgo in me I know. But this is what the old one looked like on a month glance page. I used a "teacher" style calendar last time and the size was just a little big. The new one is the size of a moleskin, but a little thicker....with stickers. Ok, I am a sucker for the stickers. At least I didn't go with the really "MOMMY" calendar--that look doesn't work for me.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh, no, got creative!

Last Sunday I got creative in a couple of ways. Even after saying I was going to put things on hold until after the move.

First, I want to participate in the NaBloPoMo for June, so I wrote several posts (this one included) in advance and scheduled them to be released on a daily basis so I wouldn't get busy and forget.

Second, I bought a new calendar and couldn't stand the "advertising" on the front, so I grabbed some things which hadn't been tossed or packed yet and decorated it. Added a ribbon to mark my spot and a long ribbon to tie it up so things I stuck in there wouldn't fall out.

I think one trick to being more creative/productive is to tell yourself you can't be, you have other things to do. Then you start getting all twitchy, like a cat's tail, until you do something. I had said I wasn't going to try to do any art journaling since I was packing stuff up and I wanted to concentrate more on my writing. So I now have doodles in my journal. Can't say no.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Journaling and Wish Book

I am still doing some "art" as well as journal during this time period. Not as much down to the page writing, but I am still creating. But I am in a "curvy" mood and doodle these swirls. My current journal is a moleskin. I want to start a new journal on the day we move into the new apartment though, so we will have to see what takes my fancy. As much as I want to have something fairly unstructured, like a ring binder, where I can put all sorts of stuff into it, I do like the ease of a bound book I can pick up and carry along. Will have to see.

I have, along with OD, made spending decisions....mainly so we'll have money every day of the week. I have started a "Wish Book" of items. I know there are things I will have to get, like a vacuum cleaner (don't have one now) and things I would like (like artwork), so I have started a wish book and am cutting out pictures of things I would like to purchase. What I have pictures of may not be the exact thing I will buy, but it is a representative of what is needed/wanted. This way I can do a couple of things.

1. Have a list of items I need, so when that urge "I have to spend money" comes along I can go to my book and buy something that is needed rather than making an impulse buy.

2. I can think about it. There are "wants" in there, or rather wants at the moment. This way I can go back a few days/weeks/months later and see if it is really something I want or whether it was a whim of the moment.

Hopefully, this will help curb some spending. I have put classes in there I would like to take through my community college, mainly writing ones. This way I can plan on them. I know they cost a certain amount of $ and I can plan on working extra hours to earn that certain $ to have them.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Created a Monster

This is Texter modeling a mohawk I did about a year ago. She was with me this past weekend (she now lives with her dad) and I made a HUGE mistake. As follows.....

Normally, when she is around, I lose my laptop. She was going out with friends for a couple of hours last Saturday evening, so I got it back so I could catch up on some of my blogs and TV watching (I DVR stuff so I can watch it on my schedule).

When she got back, I was playing a game on IWin games. I like the fact I can preview games for 1 hour, play it and be done with it. I don't buy them. Anyway, the game I was playing was a "I Spy" type, solve the puzzle game. And she loves them. So we finished up that game and she then started another one. She actually sat with me and we talked and played and she would have kept me there longer except we were pass my bedtime and I was about falling asleep, leaning against her.

So now she knows. Her little brain cells can do a lot more than text and IM. I'm so proud of her.

Monday, June 02, 2008

New Home Promises and More Roses

This is one of my mom's rose beds. I love more of the "English garden" look myself, but in East Texas summers that "English garden" look is a little hard to achieve.

I know people are going to get tired of hearing me go on and on about my new apartment, but I have been going through a lot of changes, mainly internal, so this external change really comes at the right time.

OD and I have been talking and we are both going for the "unclutter", or as she wants, more of an "Asian" feel to the apartment. I want to be able to keep the kitchen table from becoming the drop zone for stuff, which ours tends to do now, located where it is. Part of my clutter problem is in an old closets! So there is nowhere to put backpacks and purses when you walk in the door. With the apartment I will have a front closet in the entryway where we can put coats, jackets, backpacks and purses.

Also, I want my bedroom to be uncluttered. I am cleaning out/up my stash of "stuff". I will have a large walkin closet and I have few clothes, so part of my closet will be where I can organize and have art/sewing/knitting "stuff" and have it out of view. I am going to invest in some stacking bins when we move so I can label, sort and keep stuff up.

Then I am going from a large kitchen table for a desk to a small kitchen table and will only keep pens/pencils out on it. My filing cabinets I want to make covers for so they look nice, but can lift a "flap" and access the drawers. I have 2 - 2 drawer ones which I am keeping and they will go into my room. I have a 4 drawer one, which I am debating about, and when I am in my apartment will go into the utility room or my closet for storage of documents, sewing patterns and such.

More new home stuff coming.....aren't you lucky!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hot and Muggy and Roses

At 6am already muggy feeling. We were suppose to have a chance of thunderstorms last night and they passed us by entirely. I like thunderstorms. I have great memories of sitting with my dad in the dark in front of a picture window and watching the storms go by. Love them. Don't love the damage the storms seem to be bent of causing this year, but love storms. I would love to be at the beach sometime during a storm (inside of course), watching the storm come by.

This is the man who is responsible for my love of roses. I don't mean the formal, long stem, all show, no scent roses. But the rambling, overblown, scented roses. My dad is the baby of his family. It's hard to think of my dad as a "baby" of anything. But my grandmother was 45 when he was born, so they were in there late 60's when I was born. P-Paw, as we called him, had roses up either side of the front porch and down the porch. Over the big gate (for 2 cars to fit through) into the back yard was a wonderful yellow rose. And he had them climbing up along the back of the house and then a rose bed. My mom and dad have a couple of really nice rose beds now. Mom spends time clipping and trimming and caring for them. My idea of a rose garden...throw it in the ground and let her rip!

I don't think I will ever be in a place where I will have a rose garden (my choice now), but I love the roses which are overdone and 1 rose will scent the entire room. I lucked out at Border's a couple of weeks ago and got a set of incense and candles which have an old rose smell to them which I have been burning.

Off to get more coffee!