Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not Quite Fifty Shades of Grey

Yes, I am one of the millions who has read this trilogy.  And I am also one of the million who enjoyed the read.  I do have to laugh at what seems to be a national  epidemic of titillation over the sex in the books.  There is sex beyond the mainstream.  But is this the hottest I’ve ever read.  Well, if you read Laurell K Hamilton, she has more and hotter sex and has for years.  Beyond the sex, there is an actual plot to follow along with, one that is interesting.  Anastasia and Christian are characters you come to love and care about.  After reading the books, it is fun to join in the second wave of frenzy – “Who would play Christian in the movie version?”   Lots of really good day dreaming come out of that.  Personally, Benedict Cumberbach has my vote.

However, everyone needs a bit of Christian Grey in their lives.  So I created mine….

P6210010  I knitted another monster.  This is 49.5.  He’s not quite 50 shades of grey.  I have the unruly copper hair and the silver tie.  I have had a lot of fun showing him off.  I did stop short of buckling him into the car – tightly.  A girl can dream, can’t she?


Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Harvest

I hoisted myself off the couch, put down my knitting, and paused my Battlestar Galactica marathon to make my first ‘big’ harvest from the garden.  So far, my tomatoes are doing good.  Cucumbers, so-so.  Peppers and basil are really sucking.

P6170001  There are my ever-valiant Juliette Grape tomatoes, which come through regardless.  Then the yellow cherries are a new variety I am trying this year.  And my cucumbers.  A little small, but am looking forward to trying my ‘white’ cucumber.  It’s called Salt and Pepper.  And I’m not a really cucumber eater.  So it will be interesting.  I am hoping that they hold on long enough for Savvy’s visit in July and when Texter comes up next.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday Steam Punk

After years of making costumes for every except myself, I decided I was going to start on next years outfit for Animazement.  And since I am without funds to just spend merrily, I decided I was going to use the stockpile of fabrics I have gathered over the years for Ren Faire and other projects.  I did have enough fabric from a Ren Faire costume which was never made and used that as the base of my costume, along with a couple of other fabrics.

This is the base pattern I am starting with…..

B4954 The one on the left is what I am using.  My butt is too big for the other side.  My plan is a basic costume and then decorating with all kinds of gears and parts for the steam punk look.

Anyway, after two hours of cutting out pattern pieces (I had to wade through 3 different fabrics to do this), I started sewing.  Since I have a year to complete the costume, I am taking my time, going at it slow and easy, pressing between steps.  In other words…doing it right!

However, I have help.  Probably more than I want.

P6080002 Maki seems to think her help is needed.  I didn’t realize she was inside the skirt until I went to move it around the ironing board to press the seams. (By the way, this is the skirt fabric and part of the jacket.)  I swear there must have been catnip in that skirt.

So, to date, my skirt has cost me $1, which was the cost of the pattern on sale at either Joanne Fabrics or Hancock’s.  I do have to purchase some buttons and lace and that should be it for this costume.  And yes, Savvy, I have an idea for an outfit for you, not sure if you will like my idea, but we’ll talk about it in July.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Bagging It

Between Ren Faire outfits and cosplay costumes and other sewing, I have a bunch of odds and ends of fabric sitting around.  So I decided you can never have enough bags and plan on using up my stash for bags.  I picked up a large pillow sham this past weekend at Goodwill for a buck or two and liked the floral pattern on it.  So with that as my focus, and a vintage sheet I also picked up, I decided to make a tote bag.  I can’t use a small bag with all the junk I carry around, I need BIG!

So this, with the help of Maki,


turned into this…..

P6080013  The sham I picked up was the center piece and the two side pockets.  The solid green and the ‘leather’ I had from in my stash.

P6080009  This is the lining of the tote.  And a better view of the floral fabric I liked in the sham….

P6080010  But it is sturdy and should hold up well.  On my next one I plan on using larger D rings and longer hangers on the side handles.  And a wider webbing on the shoulder strap.

P6080016 But Horace Dingle says he doesn’t want to be left behind on the next outing.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

When Trying to Meditate

This is a poem I wrote when starting my meditation practice.  Don’t let that statement fool you though….I really don’t have a ‘practice’.  It’s much more hit and miss, with the emphasis on miss.  But if anyone has tried to meditate, I think they can identify with this….


Chaotic Thoughts


"How can I help you?"

Why won't he stop beating around the bush?

I need to add milk and kitty litter to the list

And isn't tomorrow night the assembly

Or is it tonight?

"What else can I help you with?"

Sandwiches for dinner tonight?

Didn't we have those last night?

Does sandwiches two nights in a row

Make me a bad mother?


I need to do a couple of loads

Or we won't have anything to wear

And there are no towels....

Need to buy some new towels

Maybe green rather than blue

Have a change

"That would be..."

And drop off books at the library

Can't stay long,

Maybe do it on the way to work

Leave a couple of minutes early to get it done.

"Let me check on that for you."

Did I pay the electric bill?

And should I do the cable or phone?

Birthdays are coming up, who's to get what?

And put eggs on the list and maybe some juice.

We need to eat more healthy.

"I checked on that..."

I need to exercise more

And set a better example for the kids.

I am looking less like a potato and more like a couch.

"And what next?"



Monday, June 04, 2012

Good Girl Gone Bad…..

Or What a Vintage Rabbit Fur Coat Will Do To a Girl….

P6040013 Savvy has been trying for a job for a year now.  However, due to numerous factors (like no jobs to be had in her area), she is still unemployed.  So on this recent visit she decided to change job hunting tactics and branch out into other areas.

P6040016 Meet Savvy Redux.

  P6040021  If she can’t be good at her job, then her job will be ‘good’!

Actually, we found the vintage rabbit fur jacket on a good will jaunt while she was here.  And Savvy do like her fur!  But she is leaving it here and not carrying it back to Arizona for some reason.  I wanted pictures of the scarves I just finished knitting, and we had time on our hands, so this is what happens when two fertile imaginations get silly together. 

Peggy Lipton watch out!

P6040027  But aren’t the scarves pretty?

P6040030 In the meantime, Savvy is “staying alive”…..P6040031


Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lafayette Village

I am not a shopper.  In other words, I rreeaaaalllllyyyy have to be in the mood to go ‘shopping’.  However, a couple of months ago I started following (and don’t know how I got started) Savory Spice Shop on Facebook.  I have driven by the shopping center a few times, but never stopped in.  But Savvy was with me today and she commented on how cute the shopping center was, so I turned in.

First off, Lafayette Village is a place I could live.  Very Old World and it looks like there should be someone living over the stores.

GEDC0083  It doesn’t look like a shopping center at all.

GEDC0081 There are fountains….. and colorful planters….. GEDC0086.

Essentially, it is one of those places you could wander around in for hours.  GEDC0092  And the spiral staircase...I can imagine it leads up to my apartment, can’t I?

Savory Spice Shop is amazing.  You walk in and are instantly transfixed with the wonderful smells.  But they are not overpowering.  It is enough to make you start salivating and your stomach to growl even if you had just eaten.  They have all the different salts I had been reading about and all the different colored peppercorns.  Spices I have only read about in a recipe, but never seen on the shelf at the local grocery store.  Fresh spices, not something that has been in a bottle for who know how long.  Needless to say, I am pulling out some recipes with the uncommon spices and heading back with a shopping list.  We did walk out with some wonderful crystallized ginger.  Not only was it great, but maybe it will help Savvy’s tummy on the plane ride home.  However, it seems to have been placed in her purse and I have yet to see my share of the bag.

There is a tea shop and a crepe place, a couple of restaurants.  And a market which will make you drool….

GEDC0088 The meats and seafood are all fresh and yummy and the lobster was moving!

GEDC0091 The scooter is part of a giveaway they are holding (go register at www.LafayetteVillageRaleigh.com/scooter and give to Savvy if you win!)  But it fit in so well with the international feel of this center.  GEDC0090  And there was The Chocolate Boutique.  Yes, it was like walking into a store in Paris.  GEDC0100 So needless to say, all my extra money is going into a piggy bank for a day at Lafayette Village with Savvy so we can eat our way through the place.  So much nicer than a mall.