Saturday, February 26, 2005

I Have "Startitis"!

I took Thursday and Friday off since I am working today and Sunday. It was a good trade on Thursday as it was a cold, drizzly rain most of the day. I curled up on the couch, watched movies and started a Market Basket Bag (pics sometime shortly). And read. And napped. Did do one load of wash though.

Friday, I was up getting the kids off to school and had plans to do much of the same. But our crazy morning news traffic guy has started on Fridays going to various businesses and broadcasting from there. This past Friday was at our Farmer's Market Resturant and they were giving free breakfast during the 6-8am morning news! Trumpet Princess shoved me into jeans and out the door. I really think part of it was motivated by the fact she wanted to escape to school in 40 degree weather in t-shirt and jeans and no jacket or sweater. I watched her flee in my rear view mirror, but free food won over running down my 11 year old. To hell with the possiblity of a cold! Someone was going to cook ME breakfast and serve it to me and clean up afterwards! Actually I have eaten there a few times and it is great. However, some people really don't like you calling them at 630am to tell them about it. What's a little sleep over free breakfast.

But the downside was that I was stuffed and came home and was forced to nap a bit.

Then I read most of the day. By the time I finished the book, my eyes were bothering me (the trouble with reading in a dim room so if you fall asleep the light won't bother you!). Didn't want to work on the Market Basket Bag. Didn't want to tink the Stashbusters Spiral Socks. Didn't want to work on the pieces of the flowers I'm making for my sister. Wanted something "springtime". So I pulled a huge ball of Fiesta I had gotten on sale last year out of the bag and decided with the bright yellow, purple and blues it looked like pansies. Perfect for a springtime shawl. So I started a simple pattern of stockinette, increasing 1 on each end of the knit row. I will just knit until I run out of yarn.

Spring Shawl in Fiesta

Then I pulled another skein out of the stash I purchased last week, some Mountain Colors. I haven't used it before, but have read others comments about it. Plus I loved the black and red combination and it does feel so soft. Didn't want to do socks. So pulled out the Multi-Directional Scarf several people have done and will carry that and the shawl off to work with me today and tomorrow.

Mountain Colors in Firestorm

To heck with the fact I have several other projects in various stages of completion, like one sock. What I am really looking to start is a sleeveless, mock turtleneck sweater for summer. Don't have a pattern, don't have yarn, just want to start it.

Well, better get some housework done before off to work.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's been a lllooonnnngggg week......

but I have been busy. I finished fringing a simple poncho that I started before it ever got cold. Just two rectangles. Got to the fringing part and stuck it in a bag and had forgotten about it. It was just a skein of black Caron's worsted weight and 2 balls of Dazzle from AC Moore, garter stitched. Couldn't have been simpler. Meant it for Goth Daughter, to get a little color in her life. She is now wearing it full time because it is the perfect weight over a t-shirt on these mild days we are having. It's also cushy balled up into a pillow.

Finished fringing a poncho from ages ago.

Then......since my sister's birthday is in March, I finished her a scarf she had picked out from Stitch and Bitch Nation...the Butterfly Scarf. Did her's in black cotton chenille from Rowen and the butterfly, mutant that it is (sorry Debbie) from Crystal Palace cotton chenille left overs from doing the Flower Petal Washcloth. Will have to do another butterfly because that one looks like a cactus with giant fungus growing on it. The scarf calls for a loop on it, but I think I am going to leave the loop off, and make some interchangeable flowers and butterflies for it. I have a couple of crocheted flower patterns that I want to try with the cotton chenille and see how they behave. But the cotton chenille is great idea for scarves for the spring/summer and being so narrow, it is an accessory rather than a winter necessity.

Butterfly scarf from Stitch and Bitch Nation.

Closeup of butterfly

Sister also has me on a binge of "flowers". I am doing the roses from the Premier Issue of Knit.1 and doing them in Paton's Wool. Then I had the great idea to felt some of them. I have done one in a solid color (dark purple) and it is currently drying out. Was a little nervous about it falling apart during the felting, but it is hanging in there. Now we will see how many days it will take all those layers to dry out. But I really like the look of it felted. Now I am on to different colors. Quick project, just time consuming because you have to knit all the little pieces before you do anything else. Makes all the back and forth of a sweater look good at times. Will show some before/afters when I get more colors and combinations done.

Well, off to supervise homework. After a 10 hour day I am more of a door stop than a help at homework.........

Monday, February 14, 2005

Sunday Morning and the TX Chainsaw Massacre

Yesterday I had agreed to work for someone from 12-4p, so I fixed "brunch" for the girls and a sleepover friend (theirs not mine). Halfway through preparing hashbrowns I realized that I was fixing brunch with the accompaniment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre playing in the background on the VCR while they awaited breakfast. And the sad part is that not one of the four females in the house were affected in the least......we still managed to down bacon, toast and hashbrowns with the greatest of ease. And I'm the person who NEVER watches "scary" least I didn't until I had children and they wanted to watch them, but I have to stay in the room. I can now knit through aliens, ghosts and whatever. The lot of a mom!

Two skeins of pale gray "Dexter's 100% Mohair" found in the dark hole of Calcutta--or the storage room. Now what to do with them!

Anyway, on the bright note, this morning I go into work and finish up the second gauntlet. Come home, hand it off and pick up my copy of "The Knitting Goddess" which I ordered. Trumpet Princess walks up and holds out her arms and goes "why is this thumb different than the other?" Sure enough, one of them was stockinette, the other garter. Somehow I had confused my "instructions" as they were. But being the brilliant mother that I am, I answered "it's to tell your right hand from your left hand". She's happy with the answer and I look good. Until she comes back and asks, but which is which!

So now it's off to finish up the skinny black scarf out of Rowen Cotton Chenille for my sister's birthday next month. It is the base for the Butterfly Scarf in Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I did do a butterfly, but it looks really mutated....more like purple and orange blobs stuck to the side of a cactus....guess I should change my colors around. Will try to get a pic of the mutant butterfly so it can truly be appreciated. Also going to do some of the "flowers" that are being knit and crocheted everywhere. I want do to some of the knitted roses and try felting some of them. No matter what they turn out like, she'll look great in them....she's one of those people who look good no matter what!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Giant Cat Toy

Actually the color is more navy blue, but whatever the color, this was once a skein of yarn. Don't remember when or where I got it....pre-back-to-knitting days. However, since it's languishing in the "storage room" it is now a task for a rainy day on the couch to untangle or a worthy work project when I don't feel like knitting at work.

Giant cat toy, or the skein of "something" I got "somewhere".

Right now I have turned the heel on my Stashbushers Spiral sock and realized after several rounds I was working with 2 colors rather than 3, so I have to tink about 4 rounds. So I laid it aside until I feel less pouty about it. I will finish up the gauntlets I had laid aside today instead and take the "cat toy" in with me.

Looking forward to some knitting time this evening as the girls will be at a school dance. This is a great deal....send off two, only get one back! (The other is overnighting, so she will return on Saturday) But as I don't have a day off until next Friday, I am rrreeeaaallllyyyy looking forward to a nice, quiet evening at home.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Second Tuesday Post - Male Bashing or how I....

could have easily bashed a male!

This is probably a great example of why I am a single mom....I can't for the life of me figure out how men's brains don't work. Today, for example, I swapped by days off around so I could sit in the waiting room with my best friend while her husband had some day surgery on his eye. Supposedly it's going to take 4-6 hours and who likes to sit around that long by themselves.

As luck has it (and it was lucky because I really am a morning person), we had the 6AM start time. However, we are about 45 minutes away from the hospital where it was going to be done. Go over at 430am to pick them up and drive them to the hospital.

Now I haven't been feeling the best, and there was some discussion about me even going. I went. I entered their house announcing that I wasn't in the greatest of moods and had a headache. So did she. And he is proceeding the crack jokes and be a general pain in the ass. One would think if someone looked at you and goes "I'm really not in the mood for this" it would be a small indication that are not in the same jovial mood.

Get to the hospital, through the surgery and back out to the car. It is now 10am and too early for the BBQ he was planning at a nearby restaurant. As we are leaving the parking lot, he goes....

He - "don't guess you two feel like something sweet for breakfast"

Means - Would you like to go to the pie place that is in town?

Me - "ok, fine, which way do I need to go?" as we are nearing the entrance ramp to the freeway

He - "straight"

So I am driving straight ahead....

Me - "now where"

He - "I can't see, but I am looking for Main Street"

Means - I have no idea where we really are, but we are going to wing it anyway.

Me - "ok. When we get to Main, which way will I turn?"

He - "thunk"

Means - this is the sound of a hand hitting a window. Since I didn't see any hand motions
to the front of me on the windshield, I am working on the assumption he hit the window on the passenger side where he was and he means to "go right". This is the man who earlier would not shut up and now is reduced to hand gestures which the driver would have to be watching him rather than the road to see.

Driving along......

He - "big sigh"

Me - "What?"

He - silence

Me - "Was that the street?"

He - smaller sigh

Me - "That was XYZ, not Main"

He - "It's also Main"

Means - we have now driven 4 blocks past where we were suppose to turn. If I had not asked about the sighs we would probably still be driving around looking for the pie place.

Me - as I whip into a nearby parking lot and make a 180 turn - "I am NOT up to NO directions today"

He - lower lip protruding, sinks in seat

So the end result of it was, no pie, no run through McDonald's to get him something for breakfast, he just wanted to go home! I dropped of the prescription for HIS pain medication and went home, had a big piece of chocolate cake with caramel icing and a big glass of ice cold milk and took a nap.

So I am closing with a picture of a Lenten Rose to end this chapter/rant on a positive note.

Lenten Rose I planted last year from a small plant given to me by a friend from work who has the most amazing green thumb.

First Tuesday Post - About Knitting

Well, here it is. My second sock, or rather the start of my second pair of socks. Joined in on the Six Sock KAL and this is the first one I am doing. I had no stash of sock yarn (yet) and picked out some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino as I plan to wear these just around the house.

Stashbuster Spiral Sock in progress

Now that I only tried the Figure 8 cast on 1 million times, I am fairly pleased with the results. I figure even with the mistakes I have made, the errors are few. Or at least as I slowly shuffle by, no one will notice.

Close up of toe of sock. This is the first time I have done a toe-up sock and done a Figure 8 cast on.

Stashbuster Spiral Sock. Sage green, purple and a brick red Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

The "bad" thing about this is that I have fallen in love with the cashmerino and want to do a sleeveless, mock turtle neck sweater for spring/summer with it. It is a combination of cashmere, merino and microfiber. The closest I have worked with on that feels somewhat like this is the Lion Brand Microfiber.

But I completed most of the rounds today while in a waiting room at day surgery for the husband of a friend of mine to come out of eye surgery. It was a great project to talk and knit on while we were waiting for him at 6AM! Now comes the heel and it's all downhill or up the leg from there.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Knitting Goddess ought to stop you.....

When you are not feeling well, the Knitting Goddess ought to stop you from trying anything new. Learning to do a Figure 8 cast on for socks and did FINALLY get the hang of it, but then after about 6 rows decided I wasn't doing it quite right and didn't like the little holes I was getting in the toe, so 'a froggin' I went.

My brain "gets" the concept. My fingers understand the concept also. But somehow, with the sinus pressure I have in my head, the two are not making contact. Actually, when poking your face like a potato with a fork you are going to bake in the microwave sounds good, thinking should not be a requirement for the day. But I WANT to do these socks NOW! and I have this great feeling Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I am going to do them in and I want to do it NOW! Stomp foot...makes head hurt....Goth Daughter walks off in disgust, shaking her head. Pout, pout.

So, I will finish up the other gauntlet for Trumpet Princess. Despite the fact that when her mother says "my head is killing me", she continues to drum on any surface while talking. Or better yet, sits through the DVD and continues to ask questions about what is going on (it's Alien vs much of a plot line can there be!). But if I can't poke my face with a fork, then I know I can't poke her with a fork either. Life is so unfair sometimes!

One gauntlet done and tried on.

But back to the Cashmerino. I think I made a major mistake. This stuff feels so good. I will post the colors I have for these 3 color socks I'm making. Will probably make a 2nd pair and use it for a bribe for someone at work who is a seamtress to finish up a couple of clothing articles for me (for Goth Daughter). Luckily, her foot and my foot are the same size and she has already tried to take my first pair of socks (of which I only have one done so far---is this a trend?), so I know she's interested in them. I am not above bribery!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday is a Tuesday is a Tuesday

Can't seem to shake the "whatever" that is in my chest and head, despite drugs. Maybe I'm on the wrong drugs.......Maybe there are some I can take that it won't matter what my head and chest feel like.....Who said laughter is the best medicine hadn't tried Nyquil!

Anyway, I didn't get much of a nap on Sunday like I planned. However, other members of my household did get to nap, quite nicely as a matter of fact. Blaze, is the first born of the unwed mother Goth Daughter took in about 7 years ago. He is the head. However, for everyone out there who has cats who run and hide when someone comes over, he heads to the door at the first knock. Worse than any dog for checking everyone out. His brother, Carroll (was going to be named for my friend, Carol, until we realized an error in our "sexing") declines to sleep on my bed. Not enough room I guess.

Fat Cat "Blaze" on a Sunday afternoon.

This is the youngest addition to the household, rather by default. For some reason, as the person who is least interested, he prefers me and my bed.

Sir Helsing also enjoys a Sunday afternoon nap.

But these are the gauntlets that keep on growing. They were to start out as a "copy" of the red gauntlets I made for her sister, but not "fancy". But she wanted them tighter on her arms. So I decided on a 3x2 ribbing.

Green gauntlet that keeps on growing....

Then she decided that she wanted them longer, just a little above her elbow, so the ribbing grew to about 12 inches. Last night as I was measuring to be sure we were talking about the same length, she then decided she actually wanted to have "partial fingers" in them. In my Nyquil induced state, I agreed, thinking, "no problem, just put on circular needles and make fingers".

In the grim, harsh light of reality and a clearer mental state, I realized the person I am knitting these for will wear them once or twice and then I will find them on the floor in different areas of the house. Luckily, these are out of some WalMart acrylic that I purchased for something else, so it is no big deal for them to wash and wear and be thrown around. However, I am refusing to go to all the trouble for the fingers when I know very well what will happen to them.

No! Stamping my foot and thrusting out my lower lip....No more changes! They will have a thumb opening and that's it!

There! Mom has spoken......oh, the potatoes need mashing, be right there!