Sunday, February 24, 2008

When you get bored....

of yards and yards of fabric and 100's of beads for noble costumes and you want a break before you start on the pirate outfit (an easy one to do), what do you do?

You make bags! I have been wanting to make some bags recently and actually was going to start with the
Reuseable Grocery Bag from the Burda site (free pattern). But Trumpet Princess sidetracked me with a request for these and I complied. So this was my Sunday project. This and watching several old, bad movies on the Scifi Channel while sewing.

Yes, one is a skull bag, with the lining being little skulls. Despite the subject matter, it is a cute bag. The other is monkeys with "love" written on it. The colors didn't photo too well in the late afternoon, cloudy day, but it is pink and brown. Skulls, monkeys, skulls, monkey, black, pink, black, pink....oh, yeah, we're 14 going on 15 and a girl.....what should I expect!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Morning Update

Somewhere I lost a week. Yesterday was last Sunday. Where did the week go?

Anyway, 1 top is done, 2 sets of sleeves are 7/8's done; have 4 tabs to finish handsewing on.

The 2nd bodice is almost finished having the seams sown. Had to sew it up differently from the directions, as the directions made no sense for the pattern. Then I will have to hand sew on the trim around the sides and neck.

So I have the under and over skirt yet to sew. Cut out, pinned and ready to go.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, tons and tons of beading!

Since I have today and tomorrow off, I plan on parking my butt in the chair, switching on the old TV and watch movies and stitch, stitch, stitch. We have a chance of crappy weather, so all the much better.

Do have a couple of swaps to get into the mail, along with a letter or two. Will do those during my "down" time.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Morning Update

Here it is early Sunday and I have to jot this off quickly and then go into work for a few hours. However, yesterday was pretty good. I did get my "chores" done and manage to get in some "art" time. When I get home this afternoon I want to scan in pics of the journal pages I did and the watercolor I did and list out exactly where I stand on a couple of projects.

Aren't the daffodils beautiful. Saturday was a wonderful spring day and I did manage, with the help of the dog, to get in a couple of walks out in the lovely spring-like weather. Sunday, however, is suppose to be cold. Bummer.

But I picked these flowers from the yard and threw in a couple of springs of rosemary and stuck them in some blue water bottles OD brought back from a restaruant just for this purpose. I gave her one for her room and kept one downstairs. In fact, this is the subject of my first real watercolor (I'm taking a class now) that I have ever done. It will be scanned in and talked about later.

Off to work........

Saturday, February 09, 2008

To-Do-List for the Weekend

This is my to-do-list for the weekend (I tried scanning it, but the ink was too light)

-- dishes

-- wash sheets

-- find cell phone

-- take out recycling bin

-- sweep floors and mop

-- clean bathroom (oldest daughter)

-- clean where dryer is

-- make some "journals" out of watercolor paper

-- rake leaves

-- check on orders to see when they will arrive

-- change out covers on couch

-- wash dog (oldest daughter)

-- update books list

-- get books from OD for library

-- books to library

-- use small grommets on paper

-- update calendar with weekly "inspirations" and watch sites;

put on laptop

-- gesso on pages/ATC cards and then watercolor on

-- use white watercolor on dark background

-- get desk organized

-- pull out novel stuff

-- turn tackle box into art box; sewing or embroidery box

-- blog - permission not to be perfect

As you can see I have a full weekend ahead, but not all of it "work", I have figured in "fun" stuff. Actually I need to be sewing, but can't really continue until some steel stays for the corset top arrive and the heavy grommets and the beads. So I will play with my watercolors this weekend and gear up the sewing next week.

I have finished (for the most part) one of the tops for OD's costume and I must say (pat self on back) it looks really nice.

This is the top, based on a man's jacket. I have to put grommet's on the edge of the shoulder to tie on the sleeves and to sew on the cap sleeves to the shoulders. And I have frogs (of which I need 2 more) to sew down the front. Time permitting, I plan to sew gold beads on the front. The design is diamonds with fleur de lis in the center of each diamond. I want to put the bead at each corner of the diamond.....lots and lots and lots of beads!

So hopefully, by tomorrow evening I can repost and show some watercolor "work" I have done over the weekend. I am taking a class with BF and want to experiment with some of the different uses for watercolors.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Shoalwater Shawl on Sunday Morning

I have started the Shoalwater Shawl by FiberTrends. I am using a Koigu KPPM blue and purple colorway which is to die for (in my opinion). I have had the pattern and yarn for 2-3 years now, but never got started on it successfully. I tried starting it several times and it just never clicked, so I put it up.

In my effort of clean out the stash, I pulled it back out and this time it "clicked" and I am knitting away. This is a week's worth of on and off knitting. There is only 1 row out of 4 which has any real pattern to it, the other 3 rows are just knitting so it goes along nicely with minimal attention needed.

Here is a closeup of the yarn. I can't wait until it is finished and I get to block it out. This is my first lace shawl and I have 2 other ones in "storage" to work on when this one is complete.

But if I wasn't knitting on this Sunday morning, then I would like to be this cat. Blaze is 10 years old and 16 pounds, the oldest of 2 brothers from a litter from an "unwed mother" we took in. Life's tough, but someone has to be the cat.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Journal Pages

These are some journal pages I created for a swap I am in. I really have a couple more I need to do in the next week, but today I feel really good about what I got accomplished.

1. Cleaned up the kitchen (including the stove top) and
put on a piece of pork in the crock pot for pork BBQ.

2. Got "dog bones" at the meat counter at the grocery store for dog. Said dog is now laying on the couch and snoring away.

3. Cleaned up the living room.

And the big ones.......

4. Cleaned up the computer room. Got up the scraps of paper from the shredder which overturned. Put up the Christmas decorations and the sleeping bag.

5. Moved the scanner from a really ackward place and put it where I could get to it and Oldest Daughter could get to it. She does some drawings to go with some fan fic she reads and has been wanting to learn to scan.
So now I have no excuse about getting to the computer to document my artwork. I need to get in there tomorrow (now the work is done) and scan some pages I did as backgrounds for future work; where I played with paint.

These pages are about my "intentions" for 2008. Moving on or walking more (about 85 miles in January); eating better (guess that doesn't include the cheesecake); and things in general.

Now I have all that cleaned up and feeling better about the house, I need to get busy on Ren Faire costumes. And my novel. And my artwork.

Where's the winning lottery numbers when you need them!