Sunday, December 30, 2007

Walking....30 miles

I have started walking to work. According to my one way commute is about 2.43 miles, so basically, I will have 5 miles a day round trip. I have done it a couple of times already, so it is doable. It will mean leaving for work about 30 minutes earlier and getting home 30 minutes later. But the plus side is that I am off my butt walking! And if the weather happens to turn bad during the day, there are enough people at work who would be willing to give me a ride home.

So far, apart from some miscellaneous dog walks, since the 16th of December I have walked 30 miles so far. I would like it so I am walking 100 miles a month. Seems to be a reasonable goal.
What I would like to do is get a map of the Appalachian Trail and mark off miles to see where I would be if I were walking the trail.

I already have a decent pair of running shoes and am getting a decent backpack to carry "stuff" to/from work. I'll go ahead and invest in a decent day pack which I can use when I go on longer hikes for pleasure. And then a waist pack for walks. Then hiking boots.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


This is one of the squares from Carla's Blanket I am knitting. I had decided to knit it up out of scraps of yarn I have and not buy any more yarn to make it. Therefore, it will probably be the uglist afghan in history, colorwise. And since I am making 2, there will be 2 ugly afghans.

I have completed 2 sets of the first 2 squares they released and have started on the second 2. I have a box all set where I will put my squares as I knit them, so at least I am semi-organized.

I am also knitting up a hobo bag to use as a grocery bag. I am doing A LOT more walking than I use to, for various reasons. Mostly, to get off my butt and finely get below 200. I was 237 about 4 months ago on a quick doctor's visit. I am now down to 219. And it has all been done by eating better and getting more active. As part of my "5 Year Plan" I look at my walking as training for walking the Appalachian Trail when I retire.

Friday, December 28, 2007


This is Noel, the rescued dog. She has just about doubled in weight from the skin and bones, literally, she was. She's a sweet dog and we are all working out peeing and poohing (outside, not in) and all in all, saving her ass has not been a problem.

Now I have had dogs before and I have never had a chewing problem. There are bones and chew sticks everywhere now in the house.

Her favorite chew toys.....the inner soles of MY shoes and the laces there on, AND, MY KNITTING NEEDLES!

It is hard to get mad at something that looks at you like this, but I am the mother of teenagers and have a stronger will than to be fooled by that look of innocence and repentance. Especially when I look over and find a big wad of Manos yarn and the chewed end of a circular needle!

I know the picture is blurry. That's because I am trying not to come completely unglued. Luckily, she has only gotten to my Clover bamboo needles and not my set of Lantern Moon needles which would have had her happy butt on the street corner with a "need a home" sign on her neck.

But we shall overcome....if it kills us! By the way, that is the start of a Feather and Fan shawl in reds.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Lights

This is one of the best displays I get to pass while walking the dog. It really makes it worthwhile to walk in the evenings now. This house always does a great job of decorating, regardless of the holiday. You can't tell it from this picture, but it is actually a purple house and on the peak of the entry there is a small stone gargoyle. I love it.

But my neighborhood is pretty sedate as far as decorations go. Mainly white lights on the trees. But pretty none the less. What's not pretty is my room right now. If I don't get it cleaned Santa won't visit me, because he can't find me. And then I want to sew some.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crisis at 4am!

See this.....this is a coffee pot.....the lifeline of my morning routine. I get up at 4:00-4:15am and start the coffee, walk the dog briefly, usually do a load of wash, load of dishes, get the girls up, make my lunch and lastly make a HUGE mug of coffee, ok latte, to take to work and leave the house a 5:30am.
This morning I pour in the water, put in the filter, add coffee, hit on and the light comes on, but no gurgling, no water coming through little hole. Faint, gasp, rapid will I make it through the day!
So out to the outside storage closet I run where an old, slighty wonky one was and I prayed it worked and I hadn't put it out there rather than the trash can because it didn't work. I quickly rinsed off months and months of dust and spiders and cobwebs, poured water in and turned it on. IT WORKED!
So after 1 pot of water through it, I ran a pot of coffee. Ok, some people are probably going to die that I didn't disinfect it, scald it, but I NEEDED MY COFFEE!
So all hail the poor old coffee pot, neglected and abused, but working!
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Morning Update and Lifestyle Change #1

We have gone from being in the 70-80's last week to being in the 30-40's this week. But we got RAIN! Almost didn't recognize the sound of it when it started yesterday evening. So we have winter-like weather now!

Noel (new dog) likes insoles of shoes. Guess this is a big argument for "pickup your shoes and put them away!" But she has put her weight back on and is a nice addition (except for the pooh and insole eating).

This is the birthday blanket from Knitsimple. They are offering the pattern free, on-line, a block a week. I have a lot of odds and ends of yarn, so I am going to knit/crochet it up as they release the patterns. I would like to make at least 2 of each square. That way I have one square to keep for myself and I have an afghan for a gift in 2008. The first two blocks are textured and fun to do. I have one done of the first square and am working on the 2nd square. I'll go back and make up the 2nd of each square. And as soon as I get batteries for my camera I'll take pics of what I have done so far.

I have also knit 2 and working on number 3 of a hat whose pattern I can't find where I got from (someone's blog I read) so I can't give credit where credit is due---yet. However, this hat points out Lifestyle Change #1 I want to make (instead of resolutions for the New Year)....owing my work.

In the past, if I made something and took it into public and receive compliments on it, I would put it or myself down..."it's nothing", "it's easy"....almost denying I had anything to do with it. So now I am taking credit where credit is due. Yes, there are people out there who are more creative, more productive artwise, more this and more that and that's great. Who else would I get inspired by. However, when someone comments on my work it will be at least a simple thank you rather than a put down of my work. I made 1 hat to use up some scraps and it was in a color someone had commented on being their color, so I knit it up as a little surprise for her (Puerto Ricans transplanted in colder climates need more protection). Then 2 people asked me to make one for them and are paying me for it. Guess I must do a pretty decent job if someone is willing to buy it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

New Dog and PIF

Need to get birthday present for BF out of the way before Christmas actually gets here. And then too, I have committed myself to a PIF (Play it Forward) with Kirsten.

This is just another way I am working toward validating myself as an artist. Like so many of us, I have played down that side and said "oh, it's nothing" when I have created/made something and have gotten compliments on it. Or as I was recently hunted down at work and had someone ask me to knit something for them of importance (a replacement Christmas stocking for their grown son....luckily not for this Christmas). So in the spirit of the "game", if there are actually 3 people out there reading this blog (which I am going to try to update more regularly, then leave your name and you will get a hand made something in 2008 from me. I knit, draw, bead, just about anything artistic, so who knows what you might end up with.

Oh, and I have been asked to knit hats for 2 people too in the last week.

Otherwise, we are the new family to a part whippet dog. She was found starving on the roadside by some people who couldn't keep her due to having 3 dogs already. My 3 cats are adapting to bullying her around. She's sweet, named Noel for the season, and pictures should appear soon.

Off to work to earn money for art suppiles and dog food.