Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Tour de France

Ok, I will admit to the following:

1. I went and camped out at Border's Bookstore on the evening
of June 20.

2. I got home at about 1pm June 21 and read for about 30 minutes.

3. I did not do anything other than a quick trip to the grocery store and
farmer's market on Saturday (plus a load of dishes in the dishwasher).

4. I have finished the last Harry Potter (at about 7:30pm Saturday night).

5. I did manage to read and keep one eye on my men in spandex Saturday.

6. I am fine with the way things were ended (and that's all I'll say!)

7. Now I can go back and give my full attention to my Team Discovery boys.
Come on Levi! Come on George!

8. I have been knitting mitered squares out of scrap yarn during the tour
and have about 1/2 dozen done because I stopped and knitted a market

9. I have to clean house today or the house patrol will come get me!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm Famous! I am linked from Shiny Little Things! This is like having a ton of chocolate deposited on your doorstep! Cynthia is the head creative genius (and they are all creative geniuses there) of Ornamentea and Panopolie in Raleigh. Walk into either store and you won't want to leave...ever...and you come away with too many ideas to work on at one time....but you try anyway.

Today is off to Band Camp Day for Trumpet Princess. The person who has not been getting up until noon was up at 6am today. Mom here has learned that letting her go is not bad, and in some ways, very pleasant. Ex-Goth daughter is smilingly waving her sister off she copes with extreme sunburn from the beach on the 4th.

I sent the purse off to its new owner without pics....bad me. But I did make 2 skirts on the 4th, one for me and a matching one (at about 1/2 the size) to mine for Ex-Goth daughter. I have gotten into these long, "floaty" skirts. Cooler than pants, a lot more comfortable than jeans (you can use sit about any un-ladylike way you want). So I guess as my 50th approaches I will retreat into "hippiedom" and start wandering around in skirts and peasant blouses.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July

Great way to start a day and reading blogs.

The ex-Goth daughter is on her way to the beach for the day. Actually she left last night to send the night so they could get up early and leave. Hint.....if you ever want to kidnap ex-Goth daughter, so it early in the morning.....she just walks where you direct her to without much effort and usually with her eyes closed.

Trumpet Princess is asleep on my bed. Seems a bug in her room (remember all those dishes I told you about!) kept her awake last night, so I came into the computer room this morning to find her curled up in the papasan I sent her to my bed to sleep for awhile.

Branched off from my usual blogs and am exploring new blogs....and there are so, so many good ones out there.

Cut Out and Keep is a great site with all kinds of craft/food ideas. Since I have torn up some more fabric strips, the Fabric Bead Necklace is looking pretty good right now.

And I will try to have pics up shortly of the 2 finished bags. I lined them both last night and put the handles on the 2nd one. The second one does not have the ends showing because the person who bought it from me before it was even started wanted it that way. Both ways look pretty nifty.

Webs Yarn Store is a lot of fun to go through. Unfortunately, this only wants to make me run out and buy lots of fabulous yarn!

Lolly Knitting Around is another new favorite. Bright, colorful and fun to read.

Dogged is another girl after my own heart. Wouldn't you just love to spend a day with some of these people!

Actually, the intro to these new blogs were the "fault" of Knitting Daily. Does that make her an enabler? If you have not subscribed to this newsletter, do so. It's fun and informative at the same time.

Need a coffee refill.........................