Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday or How I Tortured My Daughter

First off, I had to work a little on Easter Sunday. Worked for someone who did have family Easter plans.

Then I came home with the plan on working on the 6 tote bags I have the fabric for. They are all cut out. The purple at the end is for 2 Tinkerbell totes and the black figured next to it is an Elvis tote. Elvis has left the building....and I didn't get a picture of him. I have to get some different webbing for the purple has I was given black and it doesn't look right. I'm going to replace with purple or yellow. The other 3 bags are for myself. One or two will be a gift. Might make some to sell.

Anyway, after doing a little sewing and taking OD to see her dad and drop off the laptop to YD (that's Trumpet Princess, she is now Youngest Daughter) and pick up OD's Easter basket from her dad, we returned home. No roast chicken dinner here.....OD wasn't in the mood for chicken, so she made me nachos and herself Mac and Cheese with ground beef.

Then the fun came.....I had bought for OD some pre-waxed strips to wax her eyebrows with. Two hours later we had "trimmed" a little from her brows. But the show involving said waxing was worth it. I would stick the strip on and then she would wander around for a few minutes until she could get the courage up for me to yank. Then she would scream, jump around, check and see how much brow was on the strip, run to the mirror and come back again.

Oh, the things that bring joy to our hearts!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

St Patrick's Day Parade

Today was a beautiful day for the parade. Last year it was so cold and windy and OD's first year in noble's garb and was trying to hold her skirts down.

This year was sunny and not too hot. Good thing about the parade is it gives a chance to "twik" the costumes some. It's done, but I need to up the hem another 1-2 inches and redo some of the ties, but all in all, it's done.
Trumpet Princess joined us in her pirate garb. I didn't get her shirt sewn and she borrowed one of mine and I think I've lost the shirt. Damn pirates!

She has a baldrick to wear, but since she didn't have knives or a sword to wear today, left it at home.

And just as we finished the parade and got into the car, it started raining. Since we were near the front of the parade, I'm afraid some people got wet. But at least 30 pounds of fabric didn't get soaked and become 100 pounds!

It was a great start to what I hope will be a great Ren Faire!

So tonight, I'm putting my feet up. I'm cooking a chicken on my roaster thingy in the oven (like doing beer can chicken, but in the oven). I rubbed olive oil on the outside and sprinkled with kosher salt and ground pepper. I put 2 baby garlic bulbs, rosemary and a lemon inside of it. I'm having scallopped potatoes and a salad with it.

In case you ask, yes I have garb to. Somewhere in my wee little mind I am really 125 pounds, 25 years old and long blonde hair....must be a past life, many, many past lives! But here I am. OD said the bare shoulders made me look younger. Hell, if that was the case, I'd strip down nude!

The lacing is about 2 inches closer together than it was at Halloween, so I'm happier. The expression on my face....from standing in line at McDonald's for 30 minutes to get drinks and food for everyone. Farthingales with a span of about 4 feet do not go with standing in line. Neither does OD's best friend in the dragon costume.

But this is rare photo I allowed to be taken, much less published.....enjoy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Costume Update

Tried on the costume briefly this evening so I could get an idea of hem length. Didn't tie on the sleeves. Looks pretty darn good if I say so myself. Need to bead on the underskirt and hem the outer skirt.....

And make a snood......

And finish pirate vest.....

By Saturday morning for the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Did I mention I was praying for rain?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday Night

OD needs to see 2 plays/productions this semester to get theater points. Mom here has a very, very limited budget, so when I saw
this was going to be playing one weekend at our newly opened cultural arts center, I bought tickets. I have seen the production on TV years ago, OD is mature enough, the tickets are cheap enough, why not.

First off, if anyone told me I would be taking my daughter to see The Vagina Monologues I would have laughed. But I did and we had a great time. Something we will both remember.

Secondly, the new theater in the cultural arts center is great. Yes, it is very small, but it makes the production so much more intimate. And they had a cocktail reception prior to the event. Since we walked there (only about 4 blocks from home), I took advantage of being able to have a couple of glasses of wine. There was also a silent auction of artwork which had been donated. I felt very "artsy", sipping my wine, discussing the artwork with OD.

Thirdly, and most imporantly, this was a great production. You would have never known they had only worked on it for about 6 weeks. All the women who were in it were great. They ranged in age from high school senior (who we knew, but didn't know was going to be in it) to a beautiful lady somewhere in her 60's probably. The stage setup for great and the whole production was funny, thought provoking, insightful and at times hard to listen to.

Would I go a heartbeat. Would I volunteer to be in the production....not a doubt. Would I encourage OD to participate....sure would. OD was a little blow away by it and is planning on writing a rave review.

Only was only for 2 nights.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

things I want to work on

1. try using sewing on ATC's and collages

2. flannel quilt....finish it up finally (need to get batting first)

3. find design I like to do blackwork over entire bodice for Ren Faire 2009


1. Take OD to work at 9:30am

2. Run by farmer's market. Trumpet Princess is here this weekend and wants some

white chocolate bread.

3. Tech Guild meeting at 11am. Afterwards, Privy Council meeting to go over final Ren Faire items.

4. Drop off Trumpet Princess at mall to see her local friends.

5. Pick up Trumpet Princess.

6. Get ready to go walk downtown and see "Vagina Monologues" with OD, for theater credit for her and to support V-Day and our local arts.

7. Catch up on blog reading Sunday morning.

8. Take OD to Noble's Guild meeting. Trumpet Princess wants to go along to say hi to some friends.

9. Take OD to work after meeting. Pick her up at 11pm.

Friday, March 07, 2008

She's a beach ball.....

OD agreed to work on a Friday night as a clown for the anniversary of the Qdoba's where she works. Her outfit makes her look like a deflated beach ball......much to her co-workers amusement.

She's handing out cake and doesn't mind walking around in her little outfit. I did bring her bright red lipstick and orange and green nail polish, so she is going to ham it up a little more. Her boss asked her last night to do it, so she didn't have much planning time or she would have done more makeup.

Back to beading........

By the way....she hates clowns!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gown Progress

Here is the progress on the costume so far. Left to do:

1. Swap out the ribbon on the chemise from blue to green or black.

2. Finishing beading back of bodice.

3. Set grommets or use lacing rings on sleeves of bodice.

4. Hem both over and under skirt.

5. Put lacing rings on skirts to hold them together/down.

6. Make a snood/caul.

This will get us through the St. Patrick's Day Parade in 10 days. All very doable.

Then in time for the Ren Faire starting on the 29th of March, do the following.....

1. Add beading to underskirt.

2. Bead doublet style bodice.

3. Bead sleeves if time.

Actually, for the sleeves, I might sit at the fair and bead "doing my lady's bidding".

Pirate outfit is almost finished. Not much left on that to do.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


No pictures today, not much of anything really. One of those waiting for the rain storms to come through. But did get a couple of things off my to-do list by going to the post office. So cosplay costume is being exchanged and trim and fabric samples off to the hat people.

Steamed some rice for dinner. And now going to blow it by frying pork chops and making gravy for it. Will save the rest of the rice for fried rice tomorrow.

Monday, March 03, 2008

My reward in heaven.........

This is the other watercolor that I did a couple of weeks ago. I'm ok with the way it turned out.

Oldest Daughter has thanked me several times for the work I am doing on her costume, especially after we have been to a couple of meetings and I'm sitting there beading and we get a lot of praise on how it it turning out (patting self on back).

Her ultimate praise....I will get my reward in heaven....71 pools boys! Works for me! Back to beading.

Have been watching "The Tudors" first season while sewing and beading. It's very inspiring. Have the 2nd "Elizabeth" movie to watch one night. Keep putting that off, waiting to savor it.

Things left to do:

Finish pirate vest

Finish pirate shirt

Trim underskirt panel and handsew onto underskirt.

Layer chemise, farthingale, bum roll and skirts and mark the hemline on the overskirt.

Send out trim and fabric sample to hat maker.

Return cosplay costume for smaller size.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


This is a watercolor I did a couple of weeks ago, so all my time has not gone to sewing. Actually, I think I like it better as it shows up in the scan. I like the pencil lines showing. I want to have more of a relaxed, done on the spur of the moment style with my watercolors.

Yep, can't get going this morning. Didn't get any of the house work done yesterday. Had a Tech Guild meeting and then Oldest Daughter and I wandered around the flea market across the street. I am going to make OD clean some today while I sew since I need her outfit and Trumpet Princess' outfits done in 2 weeks for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. I'll make it.

So, I have made some breakfast, need my coffee and will get to sewing. Did find some fabric to back a quilt, but that's a future project.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Size 16!

This picture has nothing to do with what I'm going to brag about. Actually, this is the flower on an African violet I have been unable to kill, despite over watering, underwatering, neglect. It has about 6 flowers and more buds coming on.

But the real issue today is my butt is currently clad in a pair of size 16 jeans! I won't try to figure out what century/decade they were last in a size 16, but in September they were in a 20. Christmas, I bought an 18, and now a 16.

Was at Goodwill yesterday to try and find a pair of overalls for a Mother's Day present to self and Mom and was needing a new pair of jeans, as I was down to only 1 pair. Larger sizes are sometimes hard to find there. The first pair I looked at was a 16 and I said, "why not?"

So I took them home, not daring to try them on and put them on last night and they fit! Of course, now that I am getting over a bit of the flu, hopefully they will still fit. May have to use the old "lay on the bed and fasten" for awhile to get them on, but at least I CAN get them on. It's a real push to keep eating well and walking. Haven't hit the 100 miles a month yet, but getting in the 80 miles plus each month, so we will see about March hitting the 100 mark.

Have about 600 beads on one of the bodices. Only about 500 more to go. Still have the underskirt to put together. Another bodice to bead. Deciding what to do with the sleeves as far as decorating. And then marking the hem and some grommets to put in once I get them next week. But the majority is done and she should have at least one outfit to wear for the St. Patrick's Day parade.

I have the pirate pants done except for the waistband cording needs to be put in and then hemmed. I have the skirt and the vest to do, but should have those done this weekend.

On the sewing front, besides the Ren Faire costumes, I have about 4 bags I want to sew up. I also found 2 black Japanese style silk robes to do something with. Found the robes at Goodwill and at $$3.39 each and want to try my hand at "altered couture" on them. I think I am going to take one and make it a double breasted "dress" for Oldest Daughter. Luckily, she will wear just about anything I can come up with.

I also found a couple of pairs of overalls to make gardening aprons out of based on the directions in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. You can see a picture of it here. Actually, her's was set as a name tag, mine I am using as gardening aprons. Since I am never that "garden" coordinated, I might send the 2nd apron to Mom to sell in her annual garden sale for the garden club.

So I have a "sew-sew" weekend. I go have a quick finish on some ATC cards I need to mail out. The rest of my weekend "to-do" list....

1. pick up living areas
2. take out trash
3. cut out bag bottoms out of cardboard box and then put
outside for recycling
4. get sewing area (kitchen table) reorganized
5. Tech Guild meeting for Ren Faire
6. Noble Guild meeting for Ren Faire (Sunday afternoon)
7. Sew
8. Mop floors