Friday, May 31, 2013

Looking Back....

My trip to North Carolina to pack up my house was very bittersweet.  I moved to North Carolina 25 years ago because I had gotten off the plane and it felt like home.  I moved from Dallas to Raleigh, while the others on the trip decided not to move.  I wasn't even planning on it.  Now, here I am 2400 miles away from the world I grew up in and know well.  It is exciting to start a 'new life'...retirement, new home, new grand baby.

So a couple of pictures from my trip to North Carolina.  I did do a quick detour by Mount Rushmore on my way there.  After all, Kayden saw it at two days old.

What can you say, Mount Rushmore is Mount Rushmore.  Impressive to be sure.

Then on my way into North Carolina, the Smokey Mountains put on a fine display for me, showing me how they earned their name.

North Carolina and Montana both have mountains, but they are completely different.  You can feel the age and settledness in the Smokies.  The ones here in Montana seem raw and energized.  I can't wait to explore them more. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

One More Thing......

and then it's all over.  Moving Texter, Gibbs and Lady K from North Carolina to Montana (and then switching houses).  Closing up my home in North Carolina and putting things in storage in preparation to having them shipped to Montana.  Driving Savvy from North Carolina to Montana to see her new niece and pick up her dog.  Now, in a couple of days, I will drive Savvy and Noel to Arizona, throw them out of the car and drive back.  Then I'm finished!!!!!

Although we thought we were 'settled' in Great Falls, Gibbs really needed to be in Helena, where his office is.  However, we couldn't find a house which would allow us dogs, especially non-toy dogs.  Then out of the blue, someone who has several rental properties in Helena offered him a house to rent, dogs and all.  Not only was it only about 5 minutes from his office rather than a little over an hour, but the space is about 3 times what we had for a minimal amount more each month.

If you are interested in the 'retro' look, this house has it in spades.  The person who had it built apparently loved white peg board, tons of storage, and pocket doors.  While the bedrooms are small, we will be labeling drawers and cabinets so we can remember where we put what.

This is the 'dining' area next to the kitchen.  Behind me is a built in bench.  So now we will have to get a table and a couple of chairs for a proper dining area.

And a nice size living room on the main floor.  It has double sliding doors and looks out onto the backyard.  We will put a TV in here and I think it will be my exercise area to do yoga in once we get everything set up.

My favorite view, can you blame me?  The flower beds in the back need a lot of attention.  However, there is an irrigation system the landlord says I can tap into for drip irrigation in the beds.  If you look out at the flower tree (cherry or crab apple, don't know which) there is a bench under the tree.  The slope of the lawn makes it hidden from the house almost.

There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs.  Downstairs, the basement is completely finished (which the other house wasn't).  This is going to be the 'living area' of the house.  There is also another large room which can be an office or guest room and another full bathroom downstairs.

This is just half of the basement.  To the right, on the wall, are two, large drop down tables.  It seems the owner had been a model train fan and had two tables to set up trains on.  Can you say 'cutting tables'?  We have the TV entertainment unit on the rock wall and two couches set up for viewing and gaming.  My computer is on the desk (Gibbs and Texter use laptops on the couch).

But my favorite room has to be this one....

Off the TV area is an 'art' room.  Plenty of cabinets and shelving and a long desk area for my sewing machine.  There is also an area I can put a design wall up for quilting.  This is even inspiring Texter to think about learning to sew.  I do have two machines, so I will be starting her off learning to sew shortly.

I am really loving this house, even though we are basically still moving in.  Now to decide which projects to work on first once I get everything sorted out onto the shelves.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

It's been just a few days over a year since my mother passed.  And I think of her a thousand times, especially now that there is a new addition to the family.  But today is to honor mothers and not mourn, so I rejoice in that my baby has her own baby now and is beginning to experience the ups (and downs) of motherhood.

I also celebrate the joy my daughters have brought to my life.   I could make some statement about how they are my 'light', but actually I wanted to show off my Mother's Day present.

 This little Moroccan lantern is one that I had wish listed on  I had seen similar ones and was really enchanted by them.  So Savvy had one sent to me for Mother's Day.  And it is every bit as pretty as I thought it would be.  Now I want more, in all different colors and shapes. 

I apologize for the slight blurriness of the picture taken with the lights out.  But Texter and I were in my room last night, pouring over patterns and I didn't take the time to get out the tripod to take the picture.  My mother taught me to sew and now Texter is taking an interest in sewing.  She wants to make things for Lady K.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, Texter has caught the fabric bug from me.  I don't think it is curable.  

So to all the mothers out there, past and present....thank you for the job you do and the light you bring to our lives. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Playing Catchup

I am part of a quilt block exchange group on Facebook.  With the move I have not been getting my blocks out in a timely manner (but I did advise the group this would happen).

Now being in 'quilting land', I have caught up with my blocks.  Most of the group seems to have those "fancy" sewing machines which do embroidery and stitch designs on their blocks.  I decided to stay, for speeds sake, more traditional, and let the fabric speak for the theme of the month.

April's theme was black and white, May's is flowers and to get a little ahead, June's  is books.  I used a really simple and traditional half square triangle for the pattern.  Of the three blocks, I love the fabric in June's the best.

One side is a white background with ravens and pens and writing and bird cages on it.  The other side is a grey background with writing and numbers on it.  The grey was just a fat quarter, but the white side I bought a yard of and plan on doing 'something' with it.  A piece of it, with the raven, will probably go to a friend who is a 'raven maven'.  Maybe a journal cover would be an appropriate use. 

So I am caught up and will be ready to go for July.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Belle Is Complete!

Savvy and her friends are going as the Disney Princesses in every day clothes this year at Animazement.  So during the move, I have been sewing and getting her outfit ready.  Once again we did one of those "send me your measurements" and "what picture am I copying" jobs being anywhere between 2400 and 1700 miles apart.

So "Belle" is finished and in a box, ready to be dropped into priority mail for shipment back to North Carolina, where it will await her arrival next week. 

I did add an extra touch on the apron, which you can't see in the picture.  I stitched, in white, one of the fancy stitches on my simple little Singer sewing machine.  I figured the apron at least can be used for more than just the costume.  Of course, she might use it at work this Halloween too.

But it's done and I'm on to the huge pile of quilts I am wanting to make.  There are a couple of 'Batman' themed ones for Texter first, and then onto some fun ones for me.  Once my stash gets here from North Carolina, there will be 2-3 Asian inspired quilts I will be working on.  And a 'manly' blue and cream quilt for Savvy's significant other.

These days I'm just an old sew-and-sew.