Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Little Catch-Up

Can’t believe it has been over a month. But I don’t think this is a case of “time flies when you’re having fun”.

View of the midway. As close as I cared to venture.

Did manage to make it to the fair this year. As part of Best Friend’s birthday present, I bought her a ticket and offered to push her around in the wheelchair. Luckily, she really is a Best Friend and rented a scooter for our tour. I had even gone so far as to enter some of my jams, even though I knew they were too loose to be considered a “winning” jam. Oh well, maybe next year. But we had a wonderful day. Didn’t eat near as much as I had planned. Just a lemonade and Al’s fries. No corn on the cob or turkey leg.

Weather has been less than fall-like. We did manage to have about a week of cooler temps, but today is suppose to be up to 80 degrees. The leaves are changing though. I think they are doing it in spite of the lack of rain. We need several days of good, drizzly weather. I can handle that.

My orchid, despite my lack of care, now has 4 of the 6 blooms open. Of course, this may be the dying gasp of the orchid, but at least it gives me some pleasure. In reading May Sarton’s journals, she was a real advocate of having fresh flowers in the house. She is right, there is something about a few colorful blooms that makes the day better. Another friend had given me a vase stuffed with carnations last week. I am tenderly nursing them along and when they can’t make it any more, I will dry the flowers and put the petals in a jar or bowl.

Oh, off to go by Best Friend’s house and pick up stuff she is laying out for me. Have to do a little grocery shopping for her and Blewgo as she is running a fever. Won’t see her, as I can’t afford to get sick, but will leave packages on porch for each other.