Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Note Cards

I recently made this card to send off to my mom.


But once I got it done it was so bright and cheerful, I hated to have it for a one time use.  So I scanned it and then printed it out on another piece of blank card stock to send her.

Then I got the idea for this card.


I drew out the design in pencil, water colored the background in 3-4 shades of blue and then colored in the yellow with Sharpies.  It turned out well (at least for me) and I scanned it also.

Then, in a fit of brain power (and seeing the zip lock bag of old stamps which had fallen off the shelf onto the floor), I made this card.


I dumped a lot of stamps onto of my scanner and scanned the page and then printed it out.

But since they are all color ink intensive, what do I do?  I take them to Office Max and have them print them out.  For for $1 a page I get this….


(Oh, at the top, the blue with the heart and skull is my new pencil bag from Borders which I got for $1 and some Paperchase tissue paper for $1.)

I have an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet to write a note on, then folding them over and sealing like a tri-fold card.  Now if I can just get all my letters written.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Head Is Exploding or The Evil Book

There are those who maintain if you are a witch, wiccan, pagan, etc. you subscribe to The Book of the Dead and commune with Satan on a regular basis. And all of us witches, wiccans, pagans know that’s not true. (A) we usually don’t have the money to subscribe to anything and (B) we are just so not into Satan.

However, I have come across the true book of evil recently.


Looks innocent, doesn’t it? But open it and it will make your head explode. The first clue should be the author’s name is “Hacker”. Like with an axe, I’m sure.

It’s so seductive if you like books. It’s heavy and only 5X8 and about 2 inches thick. Fits neatly in your hand. Has these cute little tabs sticking out.


Even has it’s own little website……so you can worship at the altar of grammar!

Granted it’s been awhile since I studied grammar. Ok, thirty something years. I do know “Where’d ya git that there shirt at?” is not correct. But what the hell is “cumulative adjectives”?

So my head exploded this past week. No kidding, I’ve had a headache all week (no, it’s not the weather fronts sitting over us or Bill churning off our coast…cough, cough) I took it’s little exercises and English apparently is a second language for me.

I hated studying grammar when in school before. My fifth grade teacher made us conjugate verbs when we were bad and apparently we were very, very bad and she wasn’t even in a Catholic school. Conjugation came in handy in high school when I had two years of Latin and we…you guessed it….conjugated verbs, only in Latin.

I had Mrs. Simons for both freshman and senior Honor’s English. Mrs.. Brandenburg retired before I got there and I was lucky enough not to have Mrs. Sutton. I know Mrs. Sutton’s class was harder than my Honor’s English classes because she was the journalism sponsor and I was her teacher’s aide for a couple of years. But if you had Mrs. Simons you could mention Jabberwocky and she would be off and running. She recited it, complete with action movements, from memory and you could string it out the whole class. No sentence diagramming there!

I did test out of the prelim classes. I know what sounds and looks right (even though I might not practice it). In fact, I made 99% on both reading comprehension and writing. I only had to make an 81% to by-pass the intro class. Did I mention my head exploded?


Yep, my homework assignment today is to label eight little sentences as to whether they are simple, compound, complex or complex-compound. Just 8. Doesn’t sound like much does it?

Oops…there goes my head!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I Have Mail. The Slow Kind.


I love mail.  Not the bills and junk, but letters and postcards and boxes of stuff (especially boxes of stuff!). 

I recently joined a couple of letter writing groups and have started reaping the bounty of my efforts.

In the late 70’s, early 80’s, I had 3 pen pals.  I was fortunate enough to actually meet one of them in person.  Unfortunately, I have lost track of them.  But I still love the thrill of getting mail from ‘far away’.

I am also a member of Postcrossing.  Notes and postcards are great for me to do at work, because I can do them between calls.  Keeps me busy and out of trouble, so to speak.  I have started taking my art supplies in and working on the paper and envelopes also.  Keeps my co-workers amused.

Send mail!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Decorated Recycled Envelopes

Savvy says I can’t send this envelope to her. 


“Eye” can’t image why!

Doing some organizing and cleaning and filing, getting things all neat and pretty for school to start (actually cleaning off my desk so I could use it if I’m honest).  And it going through all the 6000 pieces of mail from the insurance company I get every time I have to drag the girls or myself to the doctor, I had a bunch of blank envelopes with the clear window.

In an effort to be ‘green’ (my favorite color) I decided I would reuse the envelopes to send out letters and notes to people.  But I didn’t want to just stick their address in the opening when there was still plenty of room on the right hand side of the envelope to write an address, so I thought I would put a picture there.

Opened up my folder with all the bits and pieces I had torn out of magazines and selected a few things which I thought would be fun to use.


This is the results.  A pile of decorated envelopes, ready for a quick note and stamp and then off in the mail.  Since these days my ‘paper du jour’ is lined notebook paper, at least having the envelope decorated makes it a little more special.


This is the one Savvy said I could send to her.  The butterflies are both inside and outside the envelope. 

It was fun.  Who knows, a decorated envelope could be on it’s way to you.  Want mail?  Let me know.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Days

Forget Christmas (not really, just an expression…still send gifts!) I love back to school time.  Especially when I am the one ‘back to schooling’.


Back when tires were square and the world was black and white, I went to college and was going for a degree in business/accounting.  It sucked!  Nothing against business and/or accounting, but definitely not my area.  Donald Trump never had a thing to worry about with me.

I have dallied a couple of times with going back and getting a ‘degree’, but due to other things in my life, it didn’t pan out.

So now, with the girls older and self-caring (in other words, they can feed themselves) and classes being online now, I am going back to school.  My ultimate goal, MFA in Creative Writing.  I’m going to be one of those news stories ‘146 year old woman graduates from college’.

Unfortunately, in the mid-70’s when I was in school, while the business classes were normal classes, my general courses where taught in an interdisciplinary style.  In other words, my English, History, Science all mixed up together.  So I am having to go back and take some of those over again.

This semester I am taking my English Expository Writing class, American History Part II and College Algebra.


(Savvy will be taking the English next semester, so I have to ace it this semester.  Otherwise, I will never hear the end of it.)

They are all online classes.  So no going off to campus.  At 4am on Sunday morning if I want to do school work I can.  Me, my coffee, my computer doing homework in my pj’s.

The only problem I think I will have is in the American History II class.  I am fine up until they start hitting the 1950’s, then it becomes personal.  Then it is no longer HISTORY, it’s CURRENT EVENTS. 

Guess I will have to pull out my Watergate pin and pin it on my pajamas.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cat in the Microwave


I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. Regardless of the fact it is a stuffed animal, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

I have a crescent shaped pillow which I purchased several years ago which I can put in the microwave, heat for a couple of minutes and then put around my neck to help relieve stress, pain, aches in my shoulders and neck. Love it. But it was getting a little worn and the girls sometimes used it. It was great for “those times” when some heat and a little weight on your stomach can make you feel better.

So a couple of years ago I saw this….


and thought it was cute and soft and it would be a great addition. However…..

there is just something about putting a “cat” in the microwave which has never felt right. Especially when I have two cats sauntering around the apartment.

I had it packed up in a box and unearthed it a few days ago and thought I might use it again. Nope. My feelings really haven’t changed. There is just something wrong about putting the cat in the microwave and then wrapping it around my neck. But it does make a great pillow to help prop up my head when reading in bed.

So, at least for now, the cat is safe from the microwave.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Never Enough Knitting

Although I haven’t been knitting much lately (too hot, too much band sewing) I do have a squid hat in the making for Savvy.  Don’t ask, long story, but she will wear it.

Anyway, through a friend I was sent here…..Knitting in the Wild – Life on Clear Creek.  She is gifting yarn plus soap.  Purely selfish here, but go check it out.  She has an interesting blog.  And remember, if you win, my birthday is in September!


A Step (or Stumble) Into the Past

Yes, I am a packrat.  Or at least a semi-packrat.  And yes, I have been journaling since high school.  This past week, while looking for a cable to hook up an old vhs player in my room (don’t we have tons of those things stuffed somewhere) I located the book containing the following…..


Scary isn’t it?  From 1973.  Hasn’t scrapbooking come a llooonnnngggg way!

Since I have recently reconnected with a few people from my high school, I thought it might be fun to pull it out and see what was really in it.

Sidebar:  Really weird……recently joined a letter writing group.  Sent a note to a person on the list.  She lives in Ft. Worth, TX.  I grew up in Duncanville, right next door.  Turns out I graduated with her sister and she is a year younger, so was there with me in high school.  Out of all the internet, 1200 miles apart and 35 years, we connect up.  And no, I didn’t know her…..she was an UNDERCLASSMAN!  Get real!

Couple of things I have pulled out so far. 


football schedule

spirit ribbons 1 

1973 homecoming ribbons

Do they even do these anymore?  I know my daughters never had them.  But every Friday during the football season (after all this was Texas in the 70’s) we had a red and a blue ribbon promoting that week’s game.  You could buy 1 or both.  Homecoming ribbons would have the whole team listed on it.  Of course, it was possible to earn extra points on your Friday test if you had the ribbons for that week’s game and even more points if you knew the score of last week’s game.  This was if you had a coach for a teacher.

senior day 1975

The program from Senior Day.  We all paraded across the stage.  Our last hurrah.



This is the stack of newspapers I kept, about two years worth.  I was editor my junior and senior year.  Back in the day when we used a TYPEWRITER to type everything out and then cut and pasted, using rubber cement.  After a long session of layout you felt really good.  Was years before I learned about the dangers of sniffing rubber cement.  Could explain an awful lot. 

The mice have also discovered my high school memories.  But not too bad for almost 35 years in various boxes.

As you can tell from the condition of the items, archival safe was not available at that time, but I want to redo the book and save things a little better over the next few weeks.  So be prepared for more of my history.  At least I didn’t have big hair back then!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Stuff I Carry Around


This is the stuff I usually carry around with me.  I have a book to read, my journal, a black bag with pens/Sharpies/pencils, some other miscellaneous scissors and stuff.  There is a store catalog request card I am going to turn into an altered postcard.  The bottom right is a couple of mini-books I am putting together.

The M&M bag (from the vending machine) actually was my chocolate fix.  My routine the the candy is day 1 I buy it.  Then day 2 I open and eat about 1/3 of them.  The other 2/3 of the bag either grow legs and are gone or they get eaten over the next 2-3 days.  All I need is a taste of chocolate to make me happy.

If I don’t take this stuff with me, especially to work, I have a panic attack almost.  What will I do?  How will I entertain myself?

Friday, August 07, 2009


I have a ton of left over pens and pencils and had put them into a couple of bins.  And then they sat on my window sill by the computer.  Didn’t like that.

So I had this little makeup case from an old luggage set I picked up at a yard sale several years ago.  I turned it into a pen and pencil holder.


Put some dividers in there to help hold them upright.  And then sorted by type of writing instrument.



I plan on putting some paper on the top so I can test the pens to be sure if they write or not.  It is sitting on the floor and will go on a shelf.  It is more portable than my other method so I can move it to another room if needed.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Not Road Kill

Had the bike in the apartment in order to tighten the loose seat.  The bike’s, not mine.  I wish I could take an adjustable wrench and tighten my ass.



walked back into the living room where the bike was and there was the cat.  Sound asleep and looking like an ‘accident’.  Believe me, at 15 pounds, there is not any way I could have ridden over this speed bump.

But not to be outdone, Godfather Cat (aka Blaze) wanted to be sure the art projects were supervised correctly.


Only problem we had with his supervision was that once our backs were turned, the little foam brushes were scattered all over the floor.  Seems they are covered with ‘grey mouse foam’ and we must kill them.  Usually if I leave my headset for work unprotected the cats will get into my bag and ‘kill’ the coverings on my ear muffs.  Now the foam brushes are not safe

Saturday, August 01, 2009

School (supply) Time!

Even when the temperatures here are in the 90’s and the humidity matches, dreams of school float through my head.  Actually, I like the start of school better than Christmas.  I only have a couple more years where I can blame my purchases on my children (isn’t that why we have them, to blame things on them?).

But all the notebooks and pens and pencils and crayons are coming out by the box load.  Went through Target the other day and a couple leapt into my basket.  Unfortunately, I have to put Target on my banned list since they now have a whole aisle of the neatest notebooks.


I picked up a lined faux purple leather lined “Noted.” notebook.  The paper is manilla and has lined spacing which actually looks a little closer than college ruled paper.  Lines start at the very top of the page.  Can’t wait to get to this notebook for writing.

Then went a little girly and picked up the composition notebook in white and pink.  It has white paper with gray/brown lines.  Like the other notebook, the lines are closer than college ruled.

Then I had to pick up a set of Sharpies in colors, fine-lined.  It was on sale and included one of the new Sharpie pens.  Since my Sharpies usually grow feet, did pick up a set for the Sharpie Queen.

Did pick up another composition notebook the other day and this one is a 3-section one.


Want to win my heart.  Forget about a shopping spree in Tiffany’s.  Forget a fur.  Just turn me loose in an office supply store!