Monday, April 23, 2012

Making Planets

A little tutorial I came across in a magazine on making planets from pictures…..


It was created from this picture…..


Soon I will have a whole solar system!

Monday, April 16, 2012

As Others See Us

I don’t think there is a woman around who has a clear picture of what she looks like.  I know when I look in the mirror I am always surprised by ‘what’ I see.  My mental image is completely different than what appears across the bathroom counter from me.  And this semester has been a little difficult for me in that I had to make two self portraits for classes.  I really don’t like to draw figures anyway, much less a picture of myself.  One of my first self portraits I used nouns such as ‘cook, banker, seamstress’ to describe myself as the background and put my face over those words.  In fact, the portrait is now hanging on the craft room door as a “keep out” kind of sign.

Savvy has drawn a picture of me.  And I love it.

sketch by savvy  For one thing, she left off my glasses.  Since I have been wearing them since I was 2, I have tended to define myself by my glasses.  (My right eye turns in despite numerous surgeries as a child and I have always been self conscious about my eyes.)  She even makes me like my butt!

We are always our own worse enemy.  We, or at least I, am more critical of myself than anyone else can be.  So it is really nice to see ourselves through another’s eyes.  And to know we aren’t near as bad as we thought we were. 


(It’s also nice to know that I have a talented and artistic daughter too.  Texter ain’t shabby in that department either.)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some “Bunny”

Despite the severe weather in Texas creating havoc with peoples’ lives and my work, I have managed to get in some knitting.  I created 4 of these little bunnies for Easter.

P4010003  I had the idea to make a couple for the little girls next door.  They are always outside playing and are a little afraid of my big dogs.  The family is also impressed I know Spanish for ‘dog’.  That’s it…my extent of speaking a foreign language. 

Anyway, as I was knitting them at work, one of my co-workers was eyeing them.  She has a grandbaby which is the apple of her eye and was going to see him during Easter.  So this is the one I made for her to give him.  Then another co-worker has a 3 year old god-child….so she got a pink one.

Savvy needs a white one for her cosplay outfit.  And Texter and Gibbs want one, so I am still bunny knitting.